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Freddie Roach on Pacquiao, Cotto, Postol, Chavez Jr, Frankie Gomez, and more

Freddie Roach discusses what's next for Miguel Cotto, Manny Pacquiao's fight, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr, and much more.

On Miguel Cotto vs Juan Manuel Marquez

"I think it'd be a very interesting fight, but I don't think the weights will match up. ... [But] whenever you get a Puerto Rican and a Mexican together, you got a good fight. That's the way it goes."

On a Cotto-Canelo rematch

"Of course, we'd like the rematch. The thing is, I don't know if that's gonna happen right now, because the mandatory is due and stuff like that. Politics of boxing. But overall, I would love to see a rematch, yes."

on Oscar's prediction that Canelo would KO Cotto in a rematch: "What makes Oscar such an expert?"

On Canelo-Golovkin

"These fights really need to happen when they're the best, like, now, not later on. I still say Pacquiao and Mayweather if they fought earlier would've been a better fight. But maybe I'm wrong. Maybe maturity, I don't now. But those two guys are at their best right now and I'd like to see the fight right away."

On Teddy Atlas and the fireman comments

"I'm not trying to tease him. He's the one that said it, not me. I mean, shit. He's nice and calm until he sees the light go on on the camera, and then he becomes a difference. You know, Teddy's a good trainer. I respect him. I wish him all the best of luck. He will need it."

On Pacquiao going into the Bradley fight

"I've only spoken to him on the phone for about a minute, and that was the first and last time since his last fight. We don't talk on the phone too much. It's hard to reach him, and it's hard to reach me, because we're always busy. When Manny gets here we'll talk about the opponent and so forth. The reason I think it's a good choice is because of the surgery. We have to make sure that shoulder is 100% and ready to go. I think Manny with two hands is hard to beat for anybody."

"On paper, it is one to one, so here we go."

"I'll tell you more at his press conference pretty soon. I just got off the phone with Arum who told me, 'You better make it to New York for this press conference!'"

On Julio Cesar Chavez Jr possibly returning to Roach's camp

"His dad has asked me many times, and I respect his dad so much. He's a legend. I like him as a person. He's a really nice guy. He does want me to train his son. We did have three or four wins together that were good wins, and we work well together, but that'll be up to (Chavez Jr)."

"I like the kid. He's a super nice guy. He's my friend for sure. I do like him. His work ethic is great. So I would definitely say yes."

On Viktor Postol

"Well, the one guy he was supposed to fight (Amir Imam), he got knocked out. I heard that they were waiting to see who's the new mandatory, but I'm looking forward to Postol fighting soon. I hope it happens because I do miss him."

on a Crawford fight: "I love that fight. Good fight. Two young, up and coming guys, both have a lot of skills. I think that'd be a great fight for both guys. ... The winner of that fight goes on to bigger and better things. The loser might have to regroup, but it doesn't end either one's career, because they're both great fighters, and there's no disgrace in losing to a great fighter."

"Crawford's been, like, the biggest threat lately, made the biggest noise. But there's a lot of good 140 pounders out there -- a lot of them have gone to 147, though. So maybe it's a less competitive division."

"But the thing about Postol is, I wouldn't be afraid of anybody in the world with him, because of the way he fights. He boxes smart, he doesn't take chances too much, he breaks you down, and he doesn't knock you out until he knows you're ready to be taken out. He's very patient, and I love that about him. He showed that in the ring and also in training. He's a very intelligent fighter, and I like that in him."

On Crawford-Lundy

"I'm not sure sure (Lundy is a suitable opponent). ... There are better opponents, but I think they're trying to make him the next pay-per-view star. When you're trying to make somebody into a pay-per-view star, he does very well, he draws big crowds, and he's exciting to watch, but you have to be a little bit careful who you match him with. There is a science to matchmaking, and I think you need the best matchmakers to make those decisions, to fight the right guy at the right time. If they put him in over his head a little bit and he gets beat, then no more pay-per-view guy. To be pay-per-view, you almost have to be undefeated, or so it seems lately."

On a Postol-Provodnikov fight

"I'd have to say yes. I think that's why (Provodnikov) left our camp, he wants to fight bigger and better names, and a lot of the bigger and better names in his division are my guys. That'd be a great fight. I love that as a fan. I do think maybe Postol has more boxing ability, but Ruslan, he's such a big puncher, and he's a hard guy. It's not an easy win for either guy. Good fight, though."

"They didn't spar too much together. I never put them together too long. Just a couple rounds to warm up. I would never put them, like, six rounds, it would be too competitive."

On finding the next Manny Pacquiao

"To be honest with you, I don't think we're gonna see another Manny Pacquiao in my lifetime or your lifetime. To win eight world titles, no one's ever gonna achieve that. There's no next Manny Pacquiao, I promise you. Nobody's going to achieve that ever again."

On prospects

"There's a lot of good fighters out there coming up. Off hand, like, I'm very bad with names, and I can't run them off, but there's a lot of good fighters out there. [to Frankie Gomez] Can you make 154?"

on Frankie Gomez: "We just had a pre-fight weigh-in and he passed it. He's within striking distance. Frankie's back on track. He can really fight. He's really mean in the ring. I love that about him. He don't care what you say about him. He's very calm. I love Frankie. I think he's a great prospect. I think he's my best prospect. By the end of this year, he will be world champion, I predict. ... Bring Amir Khan and all those guys to him right now."

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