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Jean Pascal: Sergey Kovalev a liar and a racist

Jean Pascal give his take on Sergey Kovalev, saying he knows he's a racist and wants to make him pay for it.

In this video interview with the media Jean Pascal says Sergey Kovalev is a habitual offender when it comes to making racist jokes, which crosses the line from simply making a mistake to just simply being a racist.

"You can make a mistake once, but when you do the same mistake twice, three times, that's not a mistake - it's racist," began Pascal.

Pascal was then asked if Kovalev's past indiscretions makes him want to put a hurting on Kovalev even more.

"Of course because this is so disrespectful. Of course black people, we're not monkeys, we're human beings like whites, Chinese, yellow, whatever...That was so disrespectful, and I'm gonna make him pay because like I said, racism doesn't have its place in 2016."

Then a reporter asked Pascal why he thinks Sergey Kovalev's monkey t-shirt (mocking Adonis Stevenson) didn't become a bigger story, mostly got a pass from the media.

"Honestly I don't know, maybe because he's white, I don't know," said Pascal. "At the end of the day, I don't really care, I need to focus on my fight. He can be racist, he can be this and that. We call a monkey a monkey, we call a liar a liar, and we have to call a racist a racist. Kovalev is a liar and a racist."

Pressed on the issue, Pascal was asked why he thinks Kovalev has avoided discussing the incident publicly.

"Same problem, because it's the truth. So when you know it's true you don't want to talk about it because you know deep down inside that you were saying that because you were thinking it. And he knows now that it's unacceptable in 2016 to think that way. He's not a [role] model..."

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