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Deontay Wilder talks about pre-fight scuffle with Artur Szpilka, says he'll sing to Tyson Fury's wife after beating him

Deontay Wilder has another sit-down with the media and talks about his recent altercation with Artur Szpilka. He also promises to serenade Tyson Fury's wife after he beats him.

In the aftermath of the small blow up between Deontay Wilder and Artur Szpilka during press interviews, Wilder talks about what happened between the two that sparked those flames.

"There's a part of me that, I'm the champion, you're gonna respect me," began Wilder. "I do have a side of me where I can bring that 'you don't want to see him' side out of me...I had to let him know that you gotta back up, I'm not the person that you think I am - I can't get on your level if I have to."

Then, when asked about what might've happened if Szpilka landed that headbutt a little harder, Wilder replied:

"It could've done a lot of things...That's why I had to smush-face him, that's what we call it, and get him back. But I know that he's nervous, no matter what he say, this is the next level for him. I'm the biggest thing he's ever fought."

Wilder was then asked about his back and forth with Tyson Fury on Twitter, with Wilder saying Fury's singing is more entertaining than his fighting.

"Actually I told him that I'm gonna sing to his wife after I beat him," said Wilder.

"I wanted to make him promise that in 2016 he would face and fight me once and for all, let's get this over and done with."

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