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Garcia vs Guerrero: Ruben Guerrero discusses 'quiet' Angel Garcia

Ruben Guerrero talks about his son's upcoming fight with Danny Garcia, and the "quietness" of fellow father-trainer Angel Garcia in the lead-up.

On Angel Garcia being quiet in the build-up to this fight

"I don't blame him, because this is a big fight. As dads, we gotta concentrate on the fight, on our sons. The way I am, anybody opens a can of worms, I'll close that can of worms. They wanna talk crap, I'm ready to go for it. He wants to be quiet, it's alright, if not, you know, I'm here. I'm ready to do whatever it takes. It's me and my son, man. We're going in the ring. That's what matters."

On training camp

"Training camp has come out real great. We've been doing all the things we want to do, everything is working out good. We've been having some good sparring. We've been having some good sparring. We never really brought in good sparring, so we got real good sparring for this camp. You're gonna see a whole different Robert Guerrero. He's gonna be ready for this fight. It's not our first barbecue. We just gotta execute, get in the ring, and take care of business, man."

On Guerrero's changes after the Aron Martinez fight

"I had to really get into him, because in the first and second round, he almost knocked the guy out. I go, 'What the heck's going on? Son, you're not taking care of business. You should've jumped on this guy. You had him out already.' He hurt him in the first two rounds. He would've knocked him out. But his mind wasn't there. No excuses, but I had to get into his mind and snap him out of it. Once I snapped him out of it, he started doing what I told him to do, and it was all over. He never touched Robert. It is what it is, we got the win, and we're moving on. This is the fight that we're ready for."

On the importance of Garcia-Guerrero

"Not our first barbecue. Aydin was undefeated. He was breaking everybody's jaw. Big guy. He came in, undefeated, hungry, he was talking a lot of stuff. We just did what we had to do. We beat him up, and we're ready to beat anybody else. We're ready to go."

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