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Ruben Guerrero: I'll punk Angel Garcia just like I did Mayweather Sr.

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Ruben Guerrero tells Angel Garcia he's ready to go 0-100 (real quick) if Garcia starts any trash talk.

It's two days before Garcia-Guerrero and their highly animated fathers/trainers haven't yet exploded - I have to I'm a little disappointed. I thought that aspect was the best story line heading into this fight, which has turned out to be mostly dead air. But here, in this video interview caught by FightHype, Ruben Guerrero tells Angel Garcia that he's ready to pop off at any moment.

"Hey...I don't talk sh*t, I take care of business. If [Angel Garcia] wants to talk, he can talk," said Guerrero. "I don't talk, I take care of business. If he starts talking some sh*t, alright brother, I'm gonna open my mouth too. So how far he wants to take it, I'm ready to take...I'm Mad Dog Guerrero bro."

"What happened to Mayweather [Sr.]?! I punked his ass. He didn't even want to fight me. He talked a lot of sh*t, I signed the contract, he backed out, he's chicken...Mayweather's scared of me bro, he don't want to sign the contract. I punked his ass, same thing I'll do with [Angel Garcia]."

Come on, Angel. Poke the bear. Let's set this promotion ablaze to distract us from the fact that this shouldn't even be a title fight in the first place.