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ShoBox - Brant vs Perez: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

Rob Brant headlines tonight's edition of ShoBox in a middleweight main event against Decarlo Perez.

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Tonight at 10:35 pm EST on Showtime, ShoBox: The New Generation kicks off its 2016 schedule with a tripleheader from Tucson, Arizona, featuring middleweight prospect Rob "Bravo" Brant in the main event.

Brant (18-0, 11 KO) will be facing Decarlo Perez (15-3-1, 5 KO), a fighter without the pretty record, but one on a nice win streak, and coming off of a ShoBox upset of previously unbeaten Juan Ubaldo Cabrera last August. Perez, 24, is looking to make it two straight ShoBox knock-off wins, while Brant, 25, is also aiming for a second straight ShoBox win, following a defeat of Louis Rose in October. Brant-Perez is set for 10 rounds.

In heavyweight action, Jarrell "Big Baby" Miller (15-0-1, 13 KO) will face Donovan Dennis (12-2, 10 KO) in a 10-round fight that seems unlikely to go the distance. Dennis is a big puncher, and also doesn't have the best punch resistance, but this is a nice step up for Miller, too. And speaking of steps up, Kazakhstan's Bakhtiyar Eyubov (9-0, 9 KO) takes a big leap in class against South Carolina's Jared Robinson (16-2-1, 7 KO) in an eight-round welterweight fight.

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Rob Brant def. Decarlo Perez by TKO (0:39 of round 4)

Jarell Miller def. Donovan Dennis by TKO (2:31 of round 7)

Bakhtiyar Eyubov def. Jared Robinson by TKO (0:56 of round 3)

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Round 1: Don't expect this to be as explosive as the first two fights, but I might be wrong, because Rob Brant is coming out HARD in this fight, landing some good shots, throwing a lot of punches, and putting the pressure on Perez from the get-go. Really impressive opening round from Brant, and he staggers Perez a bit late, too. Brant 10-9

Round 2: Perez looking to meet Brant's aggression early in the round, but not quite there. Brant lands a couple clean shots that give Perez some pause again. Brant staying aggressive here, but Perez is taking the shots well, too. We'll have to see if Brant can keep up this pace. But so far, so good. Brant 10-9, 20-18

Round 3: Brant keeping up the pace, Perez there again, staying with him, but not having a lot of success. BIG STRAIGHT RIGHT! DOWN GOES PEREZ! He's up, but he went down hard, and there's half a round left. Brant not going wild looking for a finish, picking his spots. It is what it is, but tiny ring doing Decarlo Perez no favors. Brant, on the other hand, fighting all offense. Brant 10-8, 30-26

Round 4: Massive right hand puts Perez down again, and this fight is OVER! Big statement from Brant. Brant TKO-4


Round 1: Miller on the attack right away, and drops Dennis hard. Dennis does get up, but goes down again not long after. He does manage to survive the last 40 seconds or so, but here's another fight where we're starting with a 10-7. Miller 10-7

Round 2: Dennis looking to land a game changer, which is about the only choice he has. Dennis may have hurt his knee, but he's fighting. Dennis certainly doing better this round, though, and his knee not bothering him down the stretch, or at least not visibly. Miller's also, you know, a large man, and not exactly lean, and he might wear out. Miller 10-9, 20-16

Round 3: Raul Marquez pointing out that Miller has gone to single shots. Dennis, on the other hand, is picking up the activity, landing shots, targeting the soft body, and going to work. Dennis throwing, Miller connects with a counter shot that pushes Dennis back momentarily, but he's working and moving in this round, and he's winning it. Right hook upstairs from Dennis. Dennis 10-9, Miller 29-26

Round 4: Jarell Miller coming out quicker this round, looking to do some damage. 10 rounds looks like a long time for both guys at the moment. Dennis with a couple left hands. Hard body shot from Dennis really hurts Miller. Dennis 10-9, Miller 38-36

Round 5: This has turned into a fun fight. And pretty brutal. Dennis landing again early in the fifth. Miller with another right hand. Dennis looking tired. His mouth's been open most of the fight, but he looks really exhausted at the moment. It's been a lot of work to stay in this fight. Hard right from Miller hurts Dennis. Better round for Miller, or worse round for Dennis, I don't know. It's a war of attrition right now. Miller 10-9, 48-45

Round 6: Tough round again for both guys. Dennis getting the worst of it again, and it's showing on his face. Miller has found a nice second wind and may be ready to put this thing away. Miller 10-9, 58-54

Round 7: Dennis cut on an accidental headbutt, and it's just more punishment for him overall. Miller going for the finish this round, beating up on Dennis pretty badly. Referee could step in at any time. And instead of it being stopped too soon, he gets his head demolished on three free shots from Miller. It's over there. Miller TKO-7


Round 1: Well, Eyubov floors Robinson pretty much immediately. So the power is definitely real. Robinson is up and going on, but Eyubov is smashing him. Another hard shot hurts Robinson, then a left to the body lands. Robinson is getting swarmed here. Another knockdown. Eyubov with a massive opening round. Robinson lucky to get out of the round. Eyubov 10-7

Round 2: Robinson down again as soon as round two starts. This is a wipeout. Robinson does better the rest of the round, but that's not saying a lot, either. This is a destruction so far. Eyubov 10-8, 20-15

Round 3: Well, this is over. Doesn't get far into the round before Eyubov finishes things, with referee Rocky Burke calling off the carnage. Eyubov TKO-3

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