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Danny Garcia: It's my time right now, nothing can stop me

Danny Garcia talks about what he's been working on in training camp ahead of tomorrows fight with Robert Guerrero.

Tomorrow night in Los Angeles Danny Garcia will take on Robert Guerrero for the vacant WBC welterweight title. Looking forward to winning another world title, Garcia talks with Marcos Villegas about things he's been working on to make him an improved and more well-rounded fighter. Here's what he had to say!

Danny Garcia on whether or not he's willing to reveal the refinements he's been working on in training camp:

"It's no secret because at the end of the day we gotta go in there and fight. So the better man who prepared is gonna win. But, you know, we just work on being more athletic, being smarter, faster, more explosive, building the extra pounds I have into more lean muscle. So we feel great. I had a tremendous camp as far as my diet, my eating - I added a lot of new things, a lot more nutrition - juicing and things like that."

On the difference he's feeling at welterweight compared to junior welterweight:

"I feel a lot fresher, it's amazing when you eat right how you actually feel it hit your body and you're able to think more...I was starving myself [before], I wasn't able to eat the right nutrition for me to move around and be mobile. It forced me to fight one way, I didn't really have my legs under me so I just had to walk my opponents down. But I feel a lot better now, a lot more athletic."

On whether he feels Robert Guerrero is on the decline or if he's going to come at him even more determined:

"Nah, I know he's coming to fight. He knows what's at stake. I mean, it's a high level fight. He's been in high level fights, I've been in high level fights so we both know what it takes...I think it's just my time right now, to be honest with you. Nothing can stop me right now."

Speaking on whether or not he has a preference between potential future fights with Keith Thurman, Shawn Porter, or Amir Khan:

"It's one fight at a time. As far as Thurman and Porter, they're fighting each other. And Khan's been inactive for like, nobody knows how long. So it's really up to Al Haymon. To me, I gotta worry about Jan 23rd, which is Saturday. Get the job done one fight at a time because that's the way I handle my career...So I'm just focused on Robert Guerrero."

When pressed on whether the clamor for an Amir Khan rematch frustrates him, given that he's already beaten him once, Garcia said:

"Nah, it don't bug me. It's what the fans want to see at the end of the day. So sometimes you gotta let destiny take its course, and that's what the fans want to see. The fans want to see Khan and Garcia but for right now I gotta worry about Robert Guerrero and Khan's not even on my mind."

Garcia on what punch he'll throw to end tomorrows fight:

"I can't tell you [laughs]. I can't tell you because we've been working on some good shots and I think I have a good shot [ready for Guerrero]. I'm strong, man. I knocked a few sparring partners out during camp, broke a couple noses...I dropped one dude with a left hook, of course. And then I broke one dude's nose with a right uppercut, so both hands I'm hitting hard."

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