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Robert Guerrero: You're going to see a throwback version of myself against Danny Garcia

Robert Guerrero says he's made changes to go back to how he used to fight - and says fans will see it tomorrow night.

Robert Guerrero chats it up with FightHub to talk about how his training camp has gone and what fans can expect to see tomorrow night when he faces Danny Garcia for the WBC welterweight title.

Guerrero speaking on his training camp:

"I'ma do it like everybody else, 'this was the best camp I've ever had!' Nah, you know what, camp went great. I had good sparring - did everything I had to do. One thing we did was we went back and just looked at everything. After the [Aron] Martinez fight I was like 'man, I gotta do something different' [laughs]. I'm getting hit with shots I shouldn't be getting hit with, making the fights rougher than they are. So we really sat back and really assessed everything and went to work - brought back a bunch of old school tactics that we were working before, that we stopped working, and starting putting the pieces back together."

So we're going to see the Robert Guerrero from 126lbs that used to box more than brawl?

"You're going to see a little bit of everything. You're going to see throwback Robert "The Ghost" Guerrero, that's what you're gonna see."

Speaking on what made him change his style once he moved up in weight:

"[After moving up] I came in like, you know what, I gotta show these guys that I'm big and I'm strong too, I can handle it, this and that, and I'm gonna mow these guys down...I got one guy outta there and got stuck to it and left everything else.

"[Now] I went back to that old school Robert Guerrero, working in the gym, putting all the tools together. That's what I needed to do. By not doing that it was really hurting me so, you know what, I'm back on the game and time to show up on Saturday night and not just talk about it and show everybody."

On where he rates Danny Garcia as a fighter since he has experience going against the best fighter of this era [Floyd Mayweather]. Is Garcia the second best fighter he'll be in against:

"It's hard to say, I haven't fought [Garcia yet]. On paper, yeah, he's undefeated, got a lot of knockouts, got a great record 31-0, and everyone they've put him against he's either destroyed them or pulled out the win...He's had some tough wins where they could've went either way, but it's boxing, and he still gets the win.

"As far as rating him, we'll rate him after we get in there with him and feel him out and do some damage."

Speaking on what vulnerabilities he sees in Garcia:

"Moving up to the weight class. Problem happens with a lot of guys is that they start moving up and they start feeling strong. Getting that first knockout at 147lbs, dominating Paulie Malignaggi, you tend to feel that you're that stronger, bigger guy and sometimes, you know, like what happened to me - the whole 'everything goes out the door' and you think you just want to mow everybody down.

On what his father/trainer, Ruben Guerrero, has been telling him going into this fight:

"[He's] always confident. Always coming to fight. He's always feeling I'm gonna get a knockout - whether it comes or it doesn't he's always pressing for it and we're always working hard for it. But you let [the knockouts] come."

On whether or not he's concerned about Garcia saying he's much stronger at 147:

"Oh, definately [I can handle his power]. Shoot, I think the biggest guy in the weight division is [Keith] Thurman, he's a big guy, and I handled him pretty good - put the pressure on him, brought the fight to him, and had him going towards the end.

"That doesn't bother me, how strong a guy is or how hard he hits because at the end it doesn't really matter - it's being able to put your game plan together and breaking a guy down."

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