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Angel Garcia and Ruben Guerrero finally explode

It took a while, but the tempers finally flared up in a confrontation between trainers Angel Garcia and Ruben Guerrero.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Well that took longer than expected! Angel Garcia and Ruben Guerrero came face-to-face while looking at the WBC championship belt and, well, they both had a meltdown. I was going to try to transcribe their interaction, but it's filled with too many expletives to even bother. Instead, here is a quick recap of what took place:

Angel Garcia was admiring the WBC belt, Ruben Gurerrero tells him not too look at it too hard because he's taking it home. The two get animated and get into each others faces, while someone tries to step in between the two. Ruben takes a swipe Angel, telling him to throw down, Angel cusses him out.

As the two are separated, they continue shouting at each other from across the room, with Ruben offering to fight Angel with one hand. Angel responds by saying he has two balls (??). Good to know...

Afterwards, as things calmed down a bit, Angel said this about the confrontation:

"Fake ass...At the first press conference, you know what he said? He seen me in the bathroom and he said he wanted no problem...he shook hands on it and then he said we can do a little bit of acting, it's all an act. He's a b*tch."

The two would later get into yet another scuffle during the press conference. Maybe I'll get some video of that as well, for your viewing pleasure.

Such a shame this all had to come so late in the build-up, I was hoping for at least a couple months of this....

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