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Garcia vs Guerrero: Full post-fight press conference

Watch (and read!) the full press conference with Danny Garcia and Robert Guerrero after last night's PBC on FOX fight.

Robert Guerrero

"I thought I won that fight. Hey, it is what it is, right? But I would love that rematch. I thought he's from Philly, man. They come to fight, right? They don't run. They don't hold. That's what happened."

"The fans loved it. They thought I won. Hey, you know what? Like I said, I want a rematch. I want to do it again."

on his reaction to the decision: "You see the smile on my face, right? I just started laughing. I couldn't really hear the scorecards because everybody was booing so crazy. It is what it is, man. I thought I did what I had to do to win the fight. Pushed it. I made Danny fight the last round, because he did want to hold and run, but, we'll see what happens."

on Garcia's power: "He has a decent punch. He had decent power. He hit me with two, three good combinations, one after the other. He didn't faze me, didn't hurt me. We were talking about that in the back. They said, 'How was his power compared to Thurman's?' Thurman's jab was double [Garcia's] right hand. He does got some power, but I don't think he has that knockout power for 147 pounds."

on his game plan: "Put some pressure on, get my shots in. Get on the inside. Too bad every time I did get on the inside and started to go to work, we got broken up. But I went out there and fought a great fight. Did what I had to do. I thought I got the fight."

"The fans spoke. They saw what they saw. They thought I won, I thought I won. I'm just glad I gave them a great fight. They came and they got what they paid for. There's a lot of disappointed fans out there, but they weren't disappointed in me, they're disappointed in the decision."

on the 12th round: "Finally got Danny to start letting them go and trading with me. Did I win that round? [two people cheer] A lot of rounds I didn't win, because I was putting the pressure on and landing shot after shot. He came out and started swinging them. It was a great round."

"I'm always satisfied when I give my all. I'm satisfied when the fans are satisfied. They do pay a lot of money, their hard-earned dollars, to come and see a fair fight. You give them what they want, they love it. Unfortunately the decision went the other way. But I still think they got a great show."

on whether going to 0-3 in title fights deters him: "I don't think I came up short. I don't think I did. I thought I won the fight. Unfortunately, we didn't the decision, but I did what I had to do, I took care of business."

"The fans spoke. They saw what they saw. They thought I won, I thought I won. I'm just glad I gave them a great fight. They came and they got what they paid for."

"You take care of a couple rounds, you do get hit with shots. Danny picked it up a little bit, but it shifted right back."

on who he wants next if no rematch: "Line 'em up. I'll fight anybody. I'm willing to fight the top guys in the division. I want to fight the best. When it's all said and done, you want to know you fought the best, you leave a legacy that you didn't duck anybody. I'd love to have that rematch."

on referee Jack Reiss warning Garcia: "For hitting low and stuff like that. He kept holding, kept tying me up and hanging on. He was telling him to let me go, stop hanging, stop tying me up so much. But every time I got on the inside, we got broken up when I wanted to go to work."

on Angel Garcia calling him dirty: "Every time he came in, he was holding onto me and stuff. When you're trying to push off, you have a left handed fighter and a right handed fighter, the heads are always gonna clash. You see me walk in, I walked in limping because my thigh's all sore, because he kept hitting me low. Nothing but low blows. To say that, I think they're just trying to justify that they lost, and they got a freebie. Again."

"I want to fight Garcia again. That's who I want to fight next. I'll go to New York if I have to, or Philadelphia. Let's do it."

on pre-fight critics: "That's for you guys to decide, right? You guys are the critics. It's what you guys think. If you guys think that I'm past my prime, you answer your own question. I think I came and fought a tremendous fight against, what, a 27-year-old guy? Exactly."

on Timothy Bradley Jr, for some reason: "I rank him as one of the top fighters in the world. He's a great fighter. His last fight with Brandon Rios, he looked really good. Interested to see how he looks his next fight, because he just got with Teddy Atlas. I feel that Brandon Rios wasn't 100 percent in that fight, but that's on [Rios'] part. But I'm interested to see how [Bradley] looks his next fight. There are a lot of great fighters at 147 pounds, it's just about making these top fights and giving fans what they want. ... Bradley doesn't run. He'll bang it out with you. He has to."

on if he had Garcia in trouble: "There was a couple of times I had him buzzed, but Danny was on his game, too. He came in great shape, he was able to recover, and he was able to take care of business when he was hurt. He moved around good. He has good footwork, he got out of situations."

on how much he has left: "There's a lot of gas left in the tank. What I would've done different? Probably stepped on the gas even more."

on Angel and Ruben: "That's all part of psychological warfare. You get in there, you know, the pre-fight stuff. You're gonna try to get under each others skin. I think my father did a pretty good job of getting under their skin, and rattling them up a bit. You saw it with Angel and Khan's father, he got under Khan's skin, and Khan came and fought the fight that [Garcia] wanted. It's just one of those things. Business is business, and you're gonna do whatever it takes to gain an advantage."

on Errol Spence Jr: "Yeah, like I said, I wanna fight the best. That's what I want to do. I want to leave this sport knowing that I fought the best. You wanna be able to leave that legacy, like a Sugar Ray Leonard or a Duran, you go and you look back and say, 'I fought anybody.' Man, I'll fight anybody. I never turn fights down. If it can be made, and it's right, let's do it."

on how many rounds he thought he won: "I thought I won the majority of the fight. I thought I won at least eight rounds, easy. Putting pressure, getting on the inside, landing shots. I was picking him off a lot of shots also, too. I caught a lot of his shots on the gloves. I thought I won at least eight, nine rounds."

on his mindset going into round 12: "I thought I was ahead. My mindset going in was win all the rounds. Especially the last couple of rounds, you wanna step the game up. Especially if a guy's wearing on you, you want to pick up the pace. Last round, I stepped on the gas."

on his respect for Garcia: "I have respect for everybody. I've always had respect for Danny Garcia. I have respect for anybody that gets in the ring. All the way from an eight year old amateur until they retire. It takes a lot of heart and courage to get in the ring. ... [My criticisms] don't mean I don't have respect for the guy. I have respect for him."

"I won the fight. I won it."

Ruben Guerrero

"You did get the fight. We won that fight, son. I hope we get the rematch. If they're fair, they'll give us the rematch. We won that fight. Clearly. That guy ran, he held. Robert pushed the fight every round. We won the first six rounds, clearly. And we won the last three rounds. They gotta give us a rematch. That's only fair."

"I think if they would've let Robert fight more on the inside and stopped breaking it up, I think Robert would've stopped him. They didn't let Robert fight him on the inside. Every time Robert got on the inside, he worked hard to get on the inside, and the ref would break them up. I don't think he got the fair shake."

"If we get the rematch, I’ll be easy on Danny’s dad. I’ll be his friend. I’ll give him a kiss, even."

Danny Garcia

"Tonight was a tough fight with Robert Guerrero. He came to fight. I knew he would. But we expected the game plan like we worked on in training camp. The plan was to go out there and feel him out the first couple rounds, then box him. We knew he would come on strong at the end. We just had to stay composed and get the job done. I came to do what I always do, win the fight. I feel great. There's not much to say."

"I feel like my athleticism, I was more athletic than him. A lot of people don't know that I'm an athletic person. I can play a lot of sports. I can play basketball, baseball, football. I know all the fundamentals in all sports. I was just more an athlete than him. I was able to get out of the way, throw my combinations. Throw my right hand, get out of the way. He's a tough fighter. We knew he would come for 12 rounds."

on the 12th round: "I was just trying to make him miss, to be honest with you, because I knew he was desperate. I knew he was gonna try to go in there and land the big shot. I didn't want to trade with him. I was just trying to use my legs and move around. He hit me with a couple good shots, but I closed it off at the end. We stood toe-to-toe. That's what the fans want to see. The fans went crazy. I'm happy with my performance, and I feel I did a good job."

"I was able to time him. I noticed that he was doing the same patterns over and over during the fight, so I just adjusted. I'm good at making adjustments. My dad said let the right hand go, let the uppercuts go, use your angles and get out of there, and that's exactly what we did."

on what he wants next: "I'm interested in whatever. I'm a champion now at 147. The champions have to fight the best fighters. Whatever matchup is made, I'm ready."

on his preparation on the big stage: "I've been under a lot of pressure in my career, in a lot of fights, where I was counted out, where I was the underdog. It's just another day at the office for me. Like I told Robert at the weigh-in, I said, 'I was born for this. I was born for this level.' He said, 'I was born for this, too.' But I said, 'Hey, I was born for this because I'm gonna win tomorrow,' and I did it. I love big fights. I love the atmosphere. I love sometimes when the crowd goes against me. I love when people don't want me to win, because it brings the dog out of me."

on Amir Khan: "I don't have to fight nobody. He's been inactive for a year, so I don't think that's a good idea to fight an active fighter, if you're inactive. But I've beat him once, I can beat him again."

"I love when people don't want me to win, because it brings the dog out of me."

on the crowd reaction: "I expected it. I told the fans that I represent all Latinos, but I guess they weren't trying to hear that. But the Mexican-Americans, they just love a good fight. And the way I closed the show, I feel like I won them over, because they love blood and guts, and I stood toe to toe. I didn't have to do that, I just wanted to make a statement, and I came to the West Coast to give the fans a great fight."

on fighting on the back foot: "A lot of people don't know I can fight backing up. A lot of people know Danny Garcia for going forward, trying to knock people out, being flat footed. But I have a lot of dimensions. Like I said before, I'm an athlete. Everything you saw today was something me and my father worked on in camp. Backing up, fighting, throwing check hooks, using our angles, stepping around, throwing the right hand. It was a perfect camp."

on Guerrero's belief that he won: "He fought a good fight, a hard fight, but he didn't win the fight. I had it 8-4, and if I had closed the 12th round, it would've been 9-3. I feel like I won the fight clear. I showed better boxing skills. I slugged with him when I wanted to, I boxed when I wanted to, I was a more versatile fighter. No doubt about it, he came to fight, he's a tough warrior, he's never been stopped. And he comes to fight."

"I guess mentally he wants to think that he won so he can, you know, get bigger fights again in the future. But I know I won the fight clear. No controversy. I went in there and did what I had to do."

on his own power at 147: "I felt like he took some great shots. I hit him with some good shots that I knock people out with. But he's been here for a long time. His body is physically ready for 12 rounds with a heavier guy. I feel like this was a great fight for me to wet my feet a little more, and continue to get strong for 147."

on a rematch: "It was a good fight. If that's what my team wants, that's what we'll do. I'm not going to sit here and say I want a rematch because I feel like I beat him clean. It was an interesting fight because styles make fights, but I feel like I beat him clean. There's no need for me to take steps back in my career, I want to move on to bigger and better things."

Angel Garcia

"Thanks to the fans, the people, the Mexicans, the Puerto Ricans, the Africans, the Dominicans, the Colombians, all of them. God bless everybody. It was a great fight. Guerrero did not win. Danny knows how to win, like they say. Danny just knows how to win. We're happy. I'm happy for him. Bigger things coming in the future. Khan? NO. Guerrero? NO. Who else? Hurato? NO. Miguel? NO. Cruz? NO. Jose? NO. I love y'all."

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