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Keith Thurman on Danny Garcia's win over Robert Guerrero, Pacquiao-Bradley III, Shawn Porter

Keith Thurman discusses Danny Garcia's win over Robert Guerrero, Timothy Bradley Jr's outlook against Manny Pacquiao, and his own upcoming fight with Shawn Porter.

On Pacquiao-Bradley III

"Teddy Atlas will have a game plan. It may be a different kind of fight. We will see."

"Bradley's not gonna do anything but listen to Teddy Atlas. Let me tell you why. He did it against Brandon Rios, and he hired him for a reason. He was a man who admitted, yes, I've been a world champion. Yes, I'm a good fighter. But I can improve on my boxing. I want a coach that really knows the sport. Some people like to call it the fight game, they don't understand boxing is a sport. Teddy Atlas understands the sport. Timothy Bradley is trying to take some of that wisdom, add it into his style. They've had a short relationship. What is it going to bring that night versus Manny Pacquiao? We'll see."

On Danny Garcia's performance vs Thurman's performance vs Guerrero

"I think Danny -- I was aggressive from the start. I got in Guerrero's face a little bit more. I tried to make Guerrero back up. I did also move backwards, but some of my moving backwards was due to the hematoma, and not really wanting to move in, and not wanting to cause headbutts, not wanting to work on the inside. I created a knockdown. He didn't create a knockdown. In comparison, I guess I did more damage. I think I might've even took a little bit less damage. Danny boxed kinda swift. He did box swiftly around the ring, constantly moving, and eventually he realized how -- maybe that's what ended up happening. As Guerrero kept pressing, but wasn't the same intense fighter from the first three rounds, it was easier for Danny Garcia to time his punches.

"Another thing is, I think Danny Garcia was a little too tense with his big right hooks and right hands, a little too tense early on, and Guerrero's reflexes were sharp early on. So as the reflexes started to subside, and then as Garcia started to relax, you saw how he put the hand down. He started to relax. In that relaxing, I think he kinda maybe frustrated Guerrero, and Guerrero just wanted to keep pressing. Being relaxed allowed [Garcia] to finally start timing. Boom, boom! He showed a few shoulder rolls, shooting quick right hands, mimicking Floyd. I was throwing right hands down the middle. I knew that was a landable punch. It's there, it's there for southpaws, it's bread and butter. But Guerrero does walk into it from time to time. He walked into several of them tonight.

"It took him just a little bit to get his groove, man, but when he got it, he had it and he stuck to it, it was a good performance."

On Garcia as a matchup for Thurman

"Danny didn't look...special. He didn't look special. He -- but we've argued, and people have argued, and people have talked about Herrera beat him, Lamont Peterson beat him. Why is that? It's because Danny don't be lookin' special, man. He doesn't look special, but he does what he needs to do to win the fight. He keeps his hands up. He was ducking down really low, and just moving and moving, making it difficult. Guerrero saw the duck, he was trying to throw the uppercut from time to time, but Danny was going beyond that. And his head was over here instead of there."

"I think Guerrero was landing that left to the body early on, but as Garcia kept doing the duck, kept moving, Guerrero just didn't have the proper angle to do any real damage."

On the Shawn Porter fight

"We beat him however he lets me beat him. If it's moving forward, moving backwards, on the inside, on the outside. If it's with that one shot, you never know. So tune in."

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