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Bad Left Hook Podcast #19 (Jan. 25, 2016): Garcia-Guerrero review and thoughts

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It's time again for the Monday morning edition of the BLH Podcast, because it's Monday morning. Duh.

HEY! It's Monday! Podcast day! And since it's Monday, and we're following a weekend that had fights, that means it's fight review day.

Today's episode, then, is me talking about the Danny Garcia-Robert Guerrero fight, Guerrero's attempt to manufacture outrage, the PBC on FOX undercards, and what was a really exciting ShoBox that you should definitely watch on Showtime Anytime or whatever if you missed it on Friday.

Two things: usually Kyle would join me on Monday, but we couldn't get the schedules lined up this week (or, rather, I couldn't), and he will hopefully be on for Wednesday's show, but we'll see, I make no guarantees, because guarantees are for suckers and fools. That's my motto. AND, in addition, if I sound a little loopy here, I know. I'm slightly NyQuil/DayQuil'd out because I've had a nasty little cold the last few days. I'm aware enough to know there are moments where I sound loopy, but not quite coherent (or patient) enough to have tried to do more takes or whatever. You get what you get. What do you think this is, the Taj Mahal? It's not. It's a podcast.

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