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Keith Thurman questions Danny Garcia's title opportunity

Keith Thurman takes a moment to put Danny Garcia's new championship title into perspective.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Following Danny Garcia's unanimous decision victory over Robert Guerrero this weekend, Keith Thurman spoke to reporters after the fight in an attempt to keep things in their proper context. In this video interview caught by FightHype, Thurman gives his thoughts on the new WBC welterweight champion, and possible future opponent, Danny Garcia.

"Let me hit the real button, okay. The 'real button' is: how come is wasn't versus Amir Khan? Amir Khan has been set up at the top of the WBC and now Danny Garcia just gets to hop [to] 147, 'here's a vacancy and I'm gonna take it,' against NOT the number one contender in the WBC which is Amir Khan. Look man, that's just touching on the real button a little bit." said Thurman.

"But outside of that, it's not Danny's fault that this is how he got his opportunity. He came, he performed, and he won. He IS now the WBC welterweight champion of the world - he does deserve it regardless of exactly the matchmaking, how he acquired it. Robert Guerrero still put a tremendous fight forward. tested Danny, made Danny fight a little different.

Answering a question on whether or not he thought Garcia got exposed at all in this fight, Thurman responded:

"Did he get exposed tonight?! Did he get exposed in Puerto Rico?! Did he get exposed versus Lamont Peterson?! Exposed, exposed, exposed. Let me hit the real button. Did he get beat tonight?! He didn't get beat tonight. He's never been beat. You can hate on somebody who looks like they should lose, but don't lose, I can understand the hate...But what you really gotta understand is that Danny Garcia sticks to some of the fundamentals, he sticks to what he's good at - right hand, left hook."

Thurman ends by saying that he plans on taking care of business with Shawn Porter first, a fight that has now been officially confirmed, and after that he'll start looking towards Danny Garcia.

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