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Eddie Hearn: Amir Khan pricing himself out of fight with Kell Brook

Promoter Eddie Hearn say despite whatever claims Amir Khan makes on Twitter, he's preventing a fight with Kell Brook with his ridiculous money demands.

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Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

The much talked about fight between Amir Khan and Kell Brook continue to go nowhere. Both sides have come out to publicly blame each other (with Khan saying Brook wants a 50/50 split), but ultimately Eddie Hearn says Khan is keeping the fight from happening with his over-the-top money demands.

Hearn says negotiations between the two parties had been going fine up until he received word that Khan would demand more than the £7 million he has offered Khan for the fight (roughly $10M U.S. dollars).

"It has been very positive the last few weeks because we've been talking and when there's dialogue, it's always good. But, like I said, when we had that meeting on Monday, I was left gobsmacked by their demands," he said.

"It is effectively bigger than an 80-20 split. We are talking about a voluntary defence of a world title by a world champion Kell Brook to Amir Khan."

Hearn says he's willing to concede that Khan is a bigger draw than Brook, but that the sort of split Khan is looking for is just unreasonable.

"I appreciate Khan is probably a bigger name than Kell Brook, but Kell Brook is world champion and he needs some kind of parity, but more importantly he needs respect. That's why we are talking about a 60-40 split, it's a great deal for Amir Khan."

"The fight with Danny Garcia will not even generate him $5m and there is absolutely no reason for him not to fight Kell Brook, unless you don't want the fight."

Kell Brook, for his part, says that Khan has absolutely no respect for him, which is proving itself out during negotiations and only making him want to fight Khan that much more:

"He (Khan) has no respect for me - he never has, and that's why I want to punch him in the face. Everyone in the world wants to see us two fight. It would kill him to lose to me - I'd put him on his a***," said Brook.

What do you think, fans? Is Khan avoiding (or stalling) a Brook fight by pricing himself out, or does Khan simply deserve his asking price?

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