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Amir Khan still trying to bait Floyd Mayweather into a fight

Amir Khan was sitting just seats away from Floyd Mayweather during the Garcia-Guerrero fight and couldn't pass up the opportunity to attempt to lure Mayweather into a fight.

Give Amir Khan credit, he just doesn't give up that easily. During this weekend's fight between Danny Garcia and Robert Guerrero, Khan got into a little exchange with Mayweather, trying to lure him into a fight. If you want to watch the video, you only really need to see the first minute, with the remainder just being extra fluff.

The exchange between Mayweather and Khan went a little something like this:

FM: This is easy work here [referring to Danny Garcia]

AK: It was easy work...

FM: I ain't never hit the ground.

AK: Oh really?

FM: I ain't never been hurt.

AK: The best have been hurt.

FM: I'm the best, I haven't been beaten.

AK: Yeah alright, bro.

FM: When you make $300M in one night then come talk to me.

AK: .......

AK: We're ready. We're ready [to fight].

FM: I'll take a few years off, you get some victories. Get a couple W's and I may come back and cook you...

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