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Keith Thurman plans to showcase inside fighting skills against Shawn Porter

Keith Thurman says although it's to be expected that he'll fight Shawn Porter on the outside, he plans on showing off his inside fight skills just for fun.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Keith Thurman is already unveiling some of his game plan going into his much talked about fight with Shawn Porter, indicating his high level of confidence. Speaking with FightHype on the Porter match-up, Thurman says:

"Obviously I've made a few statements on how [Porter] is able to roughhouse a lot of the smaller welterweights. He was unable to do that to Kell Brook. It would be very impressive if he can just bully me for 12 rounds. We don't see that happening.

"Me, I'm a boxer, I'm a puncher, I'm a slugger. People say I don't have an inside game, but that's only because I haven't shown it to you yet...The outside work a lot of times, especially when I have the advantage. So when I fought [Leonard] Bundu - Bundu had short arms. When I fought Diego Chaves - Diego Chaves had short arms. And Shawn Porter, he has shorter arms than me, so it's expected to see me on the outside. But, just for fun, I can't tell you which round it's gonna go down, but there should be some inside work too."

What do you think, fans? Do you see Thurman being effective against Porter fighting inside the pocket?

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