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Brandon Rios splits with longtime trainer Robert Garcia

Brandon Rios had a quick change of heart after announcing his retirement from boxing, and now that he's coming back, he'll be doing so without the only professional trainer he's ever had.

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Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

I'm sure nobody saw this coming - but Brandon Rios has decided to part ways with longtime trainer and close friend Robert Garcia. The two made the most out of Brandon's limited, but action-packed, brawling style since Rios turned professional in 2004 - leading to more success than most probably expected. Trainer Robert Garcia announced that the pair were going their separate ways in an Instagram post last night.


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Obviously Rios has had issues making weight over the past few years, while also losing three of his last five fights -- taking some pretty serious punishment in those losses. Well, who am I kidding, he's taken a good amount of punishment in many of his wins as well. But Rios obviously feels like he needs to make a change if he's going to be successful in his return and is therefore turning back to his father who trained him during his amateur career.

BLH actually ran a story on Brandon Rios a couple of years ago with Rios talking about the comparison between his father as a trainer and Robert Garcia:

"You know what? You cannot compare Robert Garcia to my dad, Manuel Rios I'm going to tell you why. My Dad did a great job, he got me where I needed to be in the amateurs. He took me very far and honestly he was the best at that job. He took me as far as to have Robert Garcia notice me and take me to the professionals. You cannot compare the two because my dad is my dad and as a trainer he got me very far in my amateur career and at a very young age. Not a lot of trainers let alone dads can do that for young boxers or their sons.."

It looks to me as if Rios is aiming to exhaust all options to rekindle the fire he once had for the sport.

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