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Teddy Atlas calls Mayweather's racism claims 'absurd'

Teddy Atlas was asked about Floyd Mayweather's recent statements about racism in boxing, and in short, he doesn't agree.

On Floyd Mayweather saying that there's still racism in boxing

"I don't know what he's talking about. In this sport, it's the one place on the planet where no matter who you are, what your color, your race, your creed, your religion, when it's over with, fighters know what they've been through, and they share that common bond of respect and understanding the dangers placed, that they just walked through together, and they respect each other because of it. They have genuine care for each other because of that voyage, that journey.

"There is no racism. I've never seen -- no, I look at what happens in the ring. What happens between two men in that ring, it erases everything except commonality, of doing something very dangerous, and getting through it. And respecting and tipping your hat to each other, and hugging each other. There's no racism. It's absurd."

On Mayweather saying that Andre Ward should be No. 1 P4P

"I think that -- I love Andre Ward. I think that he is as complete a fighter as anybody. Mentally, technically, skill-wise, he can go inside, he can go outside. He's reliable, he doesn't fall apart. He doesn't defeat himself. I think he's up there. You can put him up there if you want. The only thing is he's gotta be careful that he stays active enough. That's the only thing, that he stays active enough not to lose the edge at the age he is now, because he's getting to that age now. That's the only thing, the wolf at the door that he might have to be concerned about. Otherwise, there's nothing wrong with that statement at all."

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