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Groves vs Di Luisa: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

George Groves returns to action in London as he looks to work toward a fourth world title shot in 2016.

Matchroom Boxing

This afternoon at 2:30 pm EST on Sky Sports in the United Kingdom, George Groves returns to action in the headline fight from Copper Box Arena in London, facing Italy's Andrea Di Luisa as he looks to get himself back in the win column following another world title loss last September.

Groves (21-3, 16 KO) is coming off of a split decision defeat against Badou Jack on the Mayweather-Berto undercard, falling to 0-3 in world title fights. But the former British and Commonwealth champion is still a young man, and is heavily favored to pick up the W today against Di Luisa (18-3, 14 KO), a 33-year-old fighter whose losses are more notable than his wins. Most last saw Di Luisa in August, when he was stopped in four rounds by Lucian Bute, but he did win a tune-up in a December return.

Join us for live coverage!

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George Groves def. Andrea Di Luisa by TKO (1:55 of round 5)

John Wayne Hibbert def. Tommy Martin by KO (1:13 of round 12)

John Ryder def. Sergey Khomitsky by unanimous decision (117-112, 116-112, 115-113)

Ben Hall def. Kris Agyei-Dua by TKO (1:08 of round 6)

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Round 1: Groves doing a good job Looking Very Focused. Di Luisa, who can punch a little, moving forward and looking to catch Groves cold, perhaps. Groves with a 1-2, the 2 doesn't get home. Jab again from Groves gets there, though. 1-2 again, the right hand once again just a bit off, but Groves' jab is working OK. Di Luisa's nose bloodied. Groves goes to the body, then again, then back to the jab upstairs. Di Luisa grabs onto Groves with the right hand behind the head, and throws his left to the body a few times before Ian John-Lewis breaks them up. Groves with another body shot. Groves 10-9

Round 2: Groves' right once again just barely off, but then one lands after. Not clean, but definitely closer to clean. Little flurry from Groves. Di Luisa basically impossible to really miss, little head movement, straight up, flat footed. Another jab snaps his head back and Groves is landing consistently. Groves not exactly stomping on the gas, but he's cutting a nice enough pace. Di Luisa's defense basically non-existent. Groves 10-9, 20-18

Round 3: Di Luisa's nose just getting bloodier and bloodier. Di Luisa trying to rough him up on the inside, but not having much success. Groves with another little flurry that ends with a left hand to the head. Di Luisa goes southpaw, but doesn't stick with that for long. Groves controlling with his jab from his wide stance. Right to the body, shots to the head, Di Luisa has no answers. It's not, like, a savage beating, but a clear mismatch. Groves 10-9, 30-27

Round 4: About halfway into this round, Di Luisa's glove or knee touched the canvas, and Ian John-Lewis called a knockdown. The fight has a clear pattern. It's not competitive, and it's not that interesting at this point. We've seen that Groves is the obvious better fighter. Groves 10-8, 40-35

Round 5: Hard body shot at 1:15 in the round puts Di Luisa on his knee, and he'll fight on, but not sure he's really feeling like he wants to. Right to the head, down again. Another count, and the corner looks ready to throw in the towel. They throw the towel. Groves TKO-5

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