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Vincent Feigenbutz vs. Giovanni de Carolis rematch now for WBA super middleweight title

Boxing is stupid.

Martin Rose/Getty Images

Sanctioning bodies gonna sanctioning body.

With "Super" Super Middleweight Champion Andre Ward officially campaigning at light heavyweight for the foreseeable future, the WBA has elected to promote regular champ Fedor Chudinov to Super Champion and give the standard belt to the winner of Saturday's rematch between interim champ Vincent Feigenbutz and Giovanni de Carolis.


According to pretty much everyone, Feigenbutz (21-1, 19 KO) deserved a loss when he first faced de Carolis in October. The twenty-year-old German went down in the first round and was reportedly thoroughly outworked afterwards, but German scoring being what it is, he got the unanimous nod anyway.

You can watch for yourself if you're so inclined.

The German has never beaten anyone of note, his WBA interim belt coming via a win over a thirty-eight-year-old Mauricio Reynoso who was just one fight removed from a two-year hiatus.

de Carolis (23-6, 11 KO) came up short against Arthur Abraham back in 2013 and has otherwise spent virtually his whole career in his native Italy, fighting okay competition. For what it's worth, he is ranked #14 by the WBA, but then again, Feigenbutz is ranked #1.

Team Sauerland were quick to hype the fact that a win for Feigenbutz would make him the youngest German world champ of all time, beating Graciano "Rocky" Rocchigiani (who I learned is not actually Rocky Graziano) by four years. Sure, it may be farcical, but who cares? It's a WORLD TITLE FIGHT, people!

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