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Brähmer vs Cleverly: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

Jürgen Brähmer and Nathan Cleverly meet today in a fight years in the making.

This afternoon beginning at 3 pm ET on Sky Sports (UK), we’ll see Nathan Cleverly travel to Germany to face Jürgen Brähmer for Brähmer’s WBA "world" light heavyweight title in the main event of today’s fight card.

Cleverly (29-3, 15 KO) is coming off of a competitive but damaging loss to Andrzej Fonfara, a war that took place two weeks shy of a year ago today. The 29-year-old Welshman, a former WBO titleholder, is looking to get back into the thick of things in the division.

Brähmer (48-2, 35 KO) hasn’t lost a fight since 2008, but he’s also not really fought anyone in those eight years. The 37-year-old German will have to be the favorite, at least slightly, because he’s boxing at home and is on a long win streak, but even coming off of a loss and exposed as perhaps not quite true world level, Cleverly may be Brähmer’s toughest opponent in several years.

The undercard will feature the return of heavyweight David Price (20-3, 17 KO) in a tune-up against Ivica Perkova (22-30, 17 KO). Perkova, a 42-year-old Croatian, is not even as good as his sub-.500 record. In his 22 wins, his opponents came in with combined records of 19-182-2, and five of them were making their pro debuts. Ohara Davies (12-0, 10 KO) will also be in action, facing Chaquib Fadli (13-7, 7 KO).

We’ll have live coverage for the main event.

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Round 1: Cleverly comes out working, throwing his hands, trying to hustle his way into good spots. He's throwing and missing a good amount of shots, and Brähmer is landing some solid blows, but Cleverly is doing some nice work to the body, too. Brähmer has the better first round for me, but Cleverly definitely made him work for it. Defensively, Brähmer is clearly superior so far. Brähmer 10-9

Round 2: Cleverly doing a great job throwing combinations, keeping his hands moving. He's making Brähmer do what he'd rather not, and that's let his hands go a bit more recklessly than normal. This is the way Cleverly can win. Not saying he will, but this is the way he can. Cleverly slipping some shots now, Brähmer is not at his best leading the dance. Three solid shots from Brähmer, but Cleverly comes back with an uppercut, partially blocked but could be a useful punch for him in this fight, when he's on the inside. I liked Cleverly's work rate a bit more this round, he didn't get hit as clean as often. Cleverly 10-9, 19-19

Round 3: This is a real good pace from Cleverly, and forcing Brähmer to fight. Unfortunately for Cleverly, Brähmer seems to have gotten comfortable with the pace and is picking Cleverly apart in this round. Cleverly just throw about six punches and flat missed every one of them, just with Brähmer slightly moving his upper body. I think you guys were right, I should've graded this one a B-. It's the fight you expected it to be, I was just wrong. Cleverly warned for straying low once in this round. Brähmer finishing with another good flurry, landing with both hands. Brähmer 10-9, 29-28

Round 4: Brähmer really has the cleaner work coming in, but Cleverly is finishing this round very strong with some shots that rock Brähmer back at least a little bit. That may have made this round a little closer, but I liked Brähmer over the three minutes. Again, just on the cleaner work. But you have to wonder if a pace that doesn't suit him normally might catch up to him soon. Brähmer 10-9, 39-37

Round 5: Well, this is a hell of a round, and is turning into a hell of a fight. I should've graded it a B. You all were correct. Brähmer may be landing the more telling shots, but man, you can't fault Cleverly here, really. We know who he is and what he can and can't do, and he's fighting as well as he can. Brähmer 10-9, 49-46

Round 6: Brähmer catches Cleverly hard with a good shot that seems to stun Cleverly momentarily, but then Cleverly gets back to work. Two straight lefts land from Brähmer. Slower round here, and that helps Brähmer, obviously. Cleverly's arm punches becoming more pronounced. It's been a tough night for him, but he's in there, and he closes this round strong. Cleverly 10-9, Brähmer 58-56

Oh my. The fight is stopped and Nathan Cleverly has won. Cleverly RTD-6?

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