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BLH Classic Fight Night #4 results: Chacon-Limon IV, Jones-McKinney, Czyz-Broady

We saw one of the great fights of all-time, and two different styles of four round slugfests.

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Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

January 18, 1985: Bobby Czyz def. Tim Broady by TKO (1:41 of round 4)

A true banger, as Czyz and Broady went to war in Houston in a Friday night main event. Czyz was the favorite, having beaten better competition, but Broady’s power — all of his wins had come by stoppage — was a real threat, and he made that clear repeatedly in the short fight. Czyz, though, just had the better timing between the two, and more often than not was the guy fighting in front. Three and a half rounds of war.

December 19, 1997: Kennedy McKinney def. Junior Jones by TKO (2:41 of round 4)

Savagely technical, or technically savage, one way or the other, McKinney and Jones were two skilled boxers who also landed some heavy leather in this fight. McKinney went down in the third round, but came back strong to drop Jones, though the first time it was ruled a slip (and wrongly so by referee Wayne Kelly). He tagged him again in the fourth, though, and Jones, who had been on unsteady legs for a bit, was finished. Kelly let the fight continue, though to his credit (I guess), he did stop it once Jones stumbled forward out of the corner on the call to resume action.

This was an upset, as McKinney had seemed to have seen his better days go by, and Jones was coming off of back-to-back wins over previously-unbeaten Marco Antonio Barrera. McKinney would lose his next fight, a TKO-2 against Luisito Espinosa, and that pretty much finished his career. He did fight five more times in 1999, 2002, and 2003, going 3-2 and losing to a couple of guys who weren’t near his true level. Jones would go on to lose to Erik Morales in his next fight, his career ending in 2002 with a loss to a club fighter, as well.

December 11, 1982: Bobby Chacon def. Bazooka Limon by UD-15 (142-141, 143-141, 141-140)

The Ring Magazine Fight of the Year for 1982, and one of the true great fights of all time, Chacon-Limon IV lives up to its own hype — or anyone else’s -- and time you watch it. It’s a fight that I’m not skilled enough to describe. Go back and listen to Kyle McLachlan talk about this fight and much more about Bobby Chacon’s career from a September podcast.

Note: There won’t be a CFN next week, as we’ll be deep into Pacquiao-Vargas fight week, but we will return on December 10, because there’s no such thing as “Danny Garcia-Samuel Vargas fight week.”

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