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Angel Garcia: Danny knocks Keith Thurman out cold in five!

Despite the harsh criticism he’s been facing, both Danny Garcia and his father/trainer say they plan on taking on the top guys at welterweight.

Danny Garcia v Robert Guerrero Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Both Danny Garcia and his father, Angel Garcia, reiterate to PBC that they fully intend on going after the best fighters at welterweight - even if you wouldn’t be able to tell by his upcoming fight against Samuel Vargas on Nov. 12.

Garcia has been on the receiving end of unending criticism from fans, media, and his fellow fighters alike for carefully hand selecting his opponents, but he does have a significant fight against Keith Thurman lined up for early 2017.

And if you ask his father/trainer Angel, he believes that his son’s resume speaks itself, and that Thurman won’t present a bigger challenge than Khan did when he beat him as an underdog back in 2012.

“Khan was way better than Thurman, who will go for the knockout with big right-hand haymakers for three rounds. But Thurman’s going to be shocked when Danny makes him eat it,” Angel Garcia says. “Third round, Danny’s gonna start jumping on his ass, hurt him to the body like [Luis] Collazo did, and then Thurman’s getting knocked out cold in the fifth round.

“After that, if [Floyd] Mayweather comes back from retirement and wants to [fight Danny Garcia], we’ll take that fight, too. Danny wants the top guns in the division.”

Danny, who didn’t specifically mention a KO prediction, did say that he believes Thurman is being put on a pedestal when he feels they are at least on even ground.

“People are acting like Keith Thurman has a cape like Superman and can fly, but he ain’t done anything I haven’t done,” Garcia says. “But I want the other champions to think I'm vulnerable. Those are my easiest fights.”

The WBC titlist finishes by saying that he plans on unifying the welterweight division, and says that road starts with Vargas...who is rated #43 by BoxRec.

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