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Amir Khan targeted in extortion plot over fake sex tape

Hamza Din attempted to blackmail Khan saying he had footage of Khan in bed with a woman at a hotel.

Amir Khan Media Day Photo by Nigel Roddis/Getty Images
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

And the comedy keeps rolling in! It’s now being reported that Amir Khan has be the subject of a ridiculously inept extortion plot over a supposed sex tape which never existed.

27-year-old Hamza Din admits that he attempted to blackmail Khan by threatening to release footage of Khan having sex with a woman in a hotel room in Newcastle.

Unfortunately for Din, he was pretty terrible at covering his tracks. He set up a fake email account under the name “Harry Dean” but linked that account to his own email account under his real name.

Then, back in March, Din sent an email to Khan’s management stating that he had compromising footage of Khan and would release it if they did not pay him at least as much as he would get to sell it to the media. The email reportedly read:

“I have a video which may be of interest to you.

“It’s a recording of Amir Khan and a girl at a hotel room in Newcastle.

“I will be going to the media with this video unless you can match the fee offered.

“This video is 100% real and if no response is made within the next few days I will be sending the footage.”

Din never received a reply, and did not specify the amount he was looking for, but police would raid his home in Middlebrough this past June, seizing computer equipment, with the alleged sex tape nowhere to be found.

Din’s lawyer, Simon Myerson, argued in court that his client’s blackmail attempt was “quite spectacularly inept” and argued mitigating circumstances surrounding the events. He cited Din linking the email account to the same IP address as his home; that the peusdonym was poorly disguised; that there was in fact no sex tape; that he didn’t mention any specific sum of money; and that he never followed up on the threat.

Khan says that his family did was not overly impacted by the ordeal and asked that the court take into account Din’s mental health issues -- which he is suggested to suffer from. Din would plead guilty to a single blackmail charge and the judge suspended sentencing for Din to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

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