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Luis Ortiz vs Malik Scott: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

Luis Ortiz takes on Malik Scott today, live on HBO and Sky Sports, with two world title fights also set.

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Today at 2 pm ET on Sky Sports in the UK and picking up at 4 pm ET in the U.S. on HBO, Luis Ortiz headlines against Malik Scott in a heavyweight battle, with two world title fights on the undercard.

Ortiz (25-0, 22 KO) is the heavy favorite against Scott (38-2-1, 13 KO), and rightfully so. The big Cuban is fighting for the first time since signing with Matchroom Boxing, and will look to keep up his impressive streak of knockouts.

The undercard will see Jamie McDonnell defend the WBA "world" bantamweight title against Liborio Solis, and Jason Sosa will make the first defense of his WBA super featherweight title against Stephen "Swifty" Smith. Those are the fights to really tune in to see, not just because they’re world title bouts, but because they’re more evenly matched than the main event.

We’ll be here with live coverage for the top three fights of the show.

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Luis Ortiz def. Malik Scott by UD (120-105, 120-106, 119-106)

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Round 1: Scott bouncing around, Ortiz trying to cut off the ring, struggling to do so a little bit. Ortiz looked at the body early but isn't doing so as this goes on. Malik Scott goes down as soon as Ortiz gets close to him. Max: "It's like he's anticipating that he's supposed to go down." Scott has thrown a whopping two punches in this round. He's here to stink this out as long as he can. Ortiz 10-9

Round 2: You know the "hold my beer" style of fighting? Hold my beer, watch this. Malik Scott is quite comfortable holding his own drink, thank you. Ortiz 10-9, 20-18

Round 3: Scott wants to go down every time a punch gets near him. Seriously. Malik Scott has taken four dives on non-knockdowns. He's THROWN 24 punches in three rounds. This is ridiculous. Ortiz 10-9, 30-27

Round 4: Left to the head, Scott says it was behind the head, but he’s down and being counted. Did the referee just help him up? Has this man ever refereed a fight? This is absurd. Ortiz 10-8, 40-35

Round 5: Scott down again. Claiming rabbit punch again. To hell with this. Ortiz 10-8, 50-43

Round 6: This is up there for Worst Fight of the Year. Ortiz 10-9, 60-52

Round 7: I "can't even." I guess Scott did more than he has before in this round. This fight is also exposing the total lack of creativity in Luis Ortiz. Scott 10-9, Ortiz 69-62

Round 8:

Ortiz 10-9, 79-71

Round 9: Body shot and Scott is down again early in the 9th. Can’t claim rabbit punch there. Ortiz 89-79

Round 10: what the hell round is it Ortiz 10-9, 99-88

Round 11: Oh I get it, Malik has been doing the mannequin challenge. Stupid millennials. Ortiz 10-9, 109-97

Round 12: my god. Ortiz 10-9, 119-106

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