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PBC on Spike - Garcia vs Vargas: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

Danny Garcia headlines a tripleheader from Philadelphia.

Danny Garcia will headline a three-fight bill from Philadelphia tonight, as Premier Boxing Champions returns to Spike at 9 pm ET. We’ll be here with live coverage for all three of the fights on the show.

Garcia is taking a tune-up meant to lead into a fight on March 4 against Keith Thurman, a big welterweight showdown that could tell us who the leader of the division will be for the near future. Vargas is a huge underdog, a guy who can only be called a fringe contender if you’re being generous, but he’ll obviously have designs on the shocking upset.

The undercard has more interesting matchups. Emerging top prospect Jarrett Hurd will face Jo Jo Dan in a junior middleweight fight. Hurd will be aiming to head into 2017 as a guy knocking on the door of contention in the division. And former titleholder Javier Fortuna will take on Omar Douglas in a super featherweight clash.

* * * * *


Danny Garcia def. Samuel Vargas by TKO (2:15 of round 7)

Jarrett Hurd def. Jo Jo Dan by TKO (1:08 of round 6)

Javier Fortuna def. Omar Douglas by UD (96-93, 96-93, 95-94)

* * * * *


Round 1: This is very easy work for Garcia. He lands when he wants to. Vargas has nothing for him. This will be however many rounds Garcia wants it to be. Garcia 10-9

Round 2: Massive right hand sends Vargas to the canvas late in the round, where he does a backwards somersault. He gets up, but this fight is pointless. Garcia 10-8, 20-17

Round 3: Garcia landing big shots at will. Garcia 10-9, 30-26

Round 4: Garcia tuning up. Garcia 10-9, 40-35

Round 5: More of it. Garcia 10-9, 50-44

Round 6: More of it. Garcia 10-9, 60-53

Round 7: Referee stops this just as the corner was about to stop it. Garcia TKO-7


Round 1: Hurd is a lot bigger than Dan, which is no real surprise. Dan trying to target the body some early, Hurd feeling him out for the first two minutes. Hurd lands a couple heavier shots, mostly plays defense this round, though. Dan 10-9

Round 2: Hurd landing some good heavy shots in the second round. Once he's got his hands going, Dan is in some trouble. The size difference is very clear. Hurd 10-9, 19-19

Round 3: Dan doing his best to bang to the body and get himself into this fight, but Hurd is just so much bigger. He's scoring with some shots, though. Hurd straying low with body shots here and there. And speaking of, Hurd strays right to the groin with a right uppercut. Dan gets up and will fight on. You know, honestly, I think he's outhustling Hurd right now. It feels like Hurd is winning, but is he really? Rounds are rounds. Dan 10-9, 29-28

Round 4: Hurd landing the thudding shots again, it's his fight in this round. He's hammering away and punishing the smaller man now, which is what he needs to do. Hurd 10-9, 38-38

Round 5: Hurd landing powerful shots. Dan staying up, but he's just eating big punches now. He's still trying, but when Hurd lets his hands go this isn't close. Hurd 10-9, 48-47

Round 6: More measured power shots from Hurd, and Dan's corner stops the fight. Hurd TKO-6


Round 1: Feeling out for about a minute, and then Fortuna starts flurrying, showing off his hand speed. Taking risks here. Douglas catches Fortuna with a counter shot and Fortuna goes down! Those left hooks are there for Douglas. Fun first round! Douglas 10-8

Round 2: Fortuna was in the lead all of the first round before he got dropped, and he's clearly winning this round now. He's landing good shots, and really looks sharp tonight, but he's vulnerable. Fortuna 10-9, Douglas 19-18

Round 3: Fortuna staying in control. Popping and moving out before Douglas can throw back. He got reckless in round one, but he's settled down now. Fortuna 10-9, 28-28

Round 4: I really like what Fortuna has done tonight. This is one of those nights where he has it, and apart from the knockdown I think he's shut Douglas out so far. Fortuna 10-9, 38-37

Round 5: Douglas needs to find some answers. He's just not able to solve Fortuna's movement. Fortuna 10-9, 48-46

Round 6: Fortuna getting warned for holding, which is getting Douglas a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel. His legs may be going a bit, too, as Douglas is getting closer to him. Still liked Fortuna this round, but worth keeping an eye on. Fortuna 10-9, 58-55

Round 7: Douglas coming on this round, landing some good shots. Fortuna trying to pick and peck still. Trying to move. But he's slowing down a bit, and Douglas' counters are getting there. Douglas 10-9, Fortuna 67-65

Round 8: Fortuna back to business, turning the pace up again, giving Douglas fits. Any momentum Douglas might have had is cut down quickly, and Fortuna is now in a good spot heading into the final two rounds. Fortuna 10-9, 77-74

Round 9: Fortuna again being warned for holding, which he can't afford, even with me thinking he's got a mildly comfortable lead. Douglas working hard, trying to find his way back into this. There's a big shot late in the round. Douglas getting scrappy as he can inside. Wild end to the round. Fortuna 10-9, 87-83

Round 10: Douglas giving this everything he's got, and Fortuna in there trading some, too. He's landing some good shots, Douglas is trying to work, but now Fortuna moving down the stretch, staying out of Douglas' wheelhouse. Fortuna 10-9, 97-92

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