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Roy Jones Jr. agrees Conor McGregor has no business comparing himself to Floyd Mayweather

The legendary Roy Jones Jr. lends his thoughts to Conor McGregor being called Floyd Mayweather of UFC.

This whole Conor McGregor-Floyd Mayweather melodrama just won't go away. After McGregor was likened to the Mayweather of UFC, Mayweather summarily dismissed the claim - essentially calling it a bunch of bull. Mayweather cited McGregor's professional record, longevity (or lack thereof), and money-making ability as to why McGregor doesn't hold a candle to him.

Of course McGregor took exception to Mayweather's words, but when Roy Jones Jr. was asked for his take on the subject, he said he had to side with Mayweather:

"I mean, I agree with Floyd in a sense. McGregor looked good in his last fight, cool, but the fight before that he struggled. And the fight before that he lost. So he hasn't been dominant long enough to compare himself to a Floyd Mayweather. You been dominant one fight, Floyd been dominant for 20 years, so I gotta agree with Floyd on that..."

McGregor has since called out Floyd Mayweather for a fight under boxing rules once again -- yet demands a $100M purse to make it happen. So, yeah...

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