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Kovalev vs Ward: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

Sergey Kovalev takes on Andre Ward for 175 pound supremacy tonight on HBO PPV.

Sergey Kovalev v Andre Ward New York Press Conference Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

The night is here. In a matter of hours, we’ll find out who has claim to being the best light heavyweight in boxing today, and arguably the best fighter, pound-for-pound, in the entire sport.

Sergey Kovalev (30-0-1, 26 KO) will defend his WBA, IBF, and WBO titles against Andre Ward (30-0, 15 KO) in a highly-anticipated showdown of elite talents.

The main event will be the fourth fight on the pay-per-view broadcast. Up first, we’ll see middleweights Curtis Stevens (28-5, 21 KO) and James de la Rosa (23-4, 13 KO) do battle, followed by junior welterweights Maurice Hooker (21-0-2, 16 KO) and Darleys Perez (33-2-1, 21 KO). The main attraction on the undercard is another light heavyweight clash, between emerging contender Oleksandr Gvozdyk (11-0, 9 KO) and veteran Isaac Chilemba (24-4-2, 10 KO).

We’ll be here with live coverage of all four fights, scored round by round, with immediate post-fight analysis on each bout. Join us tonight!

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Andre Ward def. Sergey Kovalev by unanimous decision (114-113, 114-113, 114-113)

Oleksandr Gvozdyk def. Isaac Chilemba via TKO (3:00 of round 8)

Curtis Stevens def. James de la Rosa by unanimous decision (98-90, 96-92, 96-92)

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Round 1: Ward doing some nice work with his jab to the body, a little right up top, but Kovalev rocks him with a hard jab and lands a good right up top, too. Physical first round, a little chippy, Kovalev ends it with a double jab and I think he looked better. Kovalev 10-9

Round 2: Ward is having huge problems with Kovalev. The defense is not there. Kovalev picking him apart. DOWN GOES WARD ON A HUGE RIGHT HAND! Kovalev going for the finish when the fight continues! He's still landing shots. Ward survives the round! Kovalev 10-8, 20-17

Round 3: Ward's body language has been bad all fight. He's tentative. But he has bursts of offense. Ward trying to rough him up a bit. Good jab from Ward snaps Kovalev's head back. Ward warming up a bit this round, finally, but still liked Kovalev better. Kovalev 10-9, 30-26

Round 4: Ward trying to land a power left hook this round. He's adjusting, but Kovalev is still landing the jab really nicely. This is the pace Ward would prefer, but it's still Kovalev winning the rounds. Kovalev 10-9, 40-35

Round 5: Ward has turned the corner enough to take his first round for me. He landed some good, hard jabs in this round, and he's got Kovalev following him around, maybe getting a little lazy with his own offense after the good start. Ward 10-9, Kovalev 49-45

Round 6: Ward is in this fight, or in these rounds, but it's still Kovalev landing the harder, more telling blows, and he's landing plenty overall. The clinching and wrestling is not going all Ward's way, which it usually does. Kovalev 10-9, 59-54

Round 7: Ward with a nice rally in this round, getting inside, landing some good shots, targeting the body a bit, landing his jab up top. Stiff jabs, at that. Kovalev still landing a couple good jabs this round, but this was a Ward round for sure. Ward 10-9, Kovalev 68-64

Round 8: Ward's made some adjustments and is landing some hard body shots. This is another Ward round, and this might be a very close fight right now on the cards. It's been competitive. Ward 10-9, Kovalev 77-74

Round 9: Kovalev is losing his legs just a bit, those body shots may be adding up. Ward getting into a comfortable zone these last few rounds. Ward looks stronger, fresher now. Ward with another strong round here, but Kovalev is still there, too. Ward has just taken the momentum. These guys are both as good as advertised. This is a fine fight. Ward 10-9, Kovalev 86-84

Round 10: Kovalev working hard this round, Ward sorta laying back a bit more. It's the aggression of Kovalev pushing him backwards, but he's showboating a bit and keeping the crowd loud in his favor. This was a round Kovalev needed, and Ward may not have been able to afford. Kovalev 10-9, 96-93

Round 11: Kovalev marching forward, but also getting hit with hard, clean shots, and this is another Ward round. This is just a hell of a boxing match. Ward 10-9, Kovalev 105-103

Round 12: A high intensity final round. Ward trying to push forward, but Kovalev won't back down at all, and is it winds down, it's Sergey Kovalev landing good shots, with Ward also landing some solid shots still. I mean, just a terrific fight. I edge to Kovalev this round, and in the fight. Kovalev 10-9, 115-112


Round 1: Perez has a nice opening round here. He's giving up size and power, but he fought confidently and, well, cautiously, but not negatively so. Perez 10-9

Round 2: Perez still fighting well, and takes another round for me. He's been easy to counter for Darleys. Perez 10-9, 20-18

Round 3: Darleys Perez is kinda kicking Maurice Hooker’s hindquarters. He hurt him with a right hand and went for the kill, but Hooker did avoid that. Hooker is just not showing up. Perez 10-9, 30-27

Round 4: This is a schooling. Hooker has done nothing effectively. Perez 10-9, 40-36

Round 5: They keep talking about "media" hyping Maurice Hooker. I do not remember that at all. Perez 10-9, 50-45

Round 6: Kellerman finally just says that Hooker doesn't have the skills. Hooker now having a fit during a tie-up, landing an overhand rabbit punch and shoving Perez in the face, getting a stern warning from Bayless. Perez 10-9, 60-54

Round 7: Hooker has been completely exposed in this fight. The skill level just isn't there. Perez 10-9, 70-63

Round 8: Hooker doesn't have "it." Or "have" it. Perez just a better fighter. But I think Hooker nicked this round. He might have one other. Hooker 10-9, Perez 79-73

Round 9: Another hard right from Perez this round. He's had Hooker fighting confused all night. All night. Perez 10-9, 89-82

Round 10: Big right from Hooker, and Perez just eats it. Perez closes with some good shots to punctuate this fight. Perez 10-9, 99-91


Round 1: Chilemba already neutralizing Gvozdyk's activity. It's what he does. But Gvozdyk still won the round. Gvozdyk 10-9

Round 2: Gvozdyk wins another quiet round. Yay. Gvozdyk 10-9, 20-18

Round 3: This fight reeks so far. Gvozdyk 10-9, 30-27

Round 4: Gvozdyk with an eye-catching flurry where not much lands, but it's something. Chilemba with a couple good body shots. Gvozdyk 10-9, 40-36

Round 5: I think I liked Chilemba this round? I don't know. It's a Chilemba fight, even when he's losing rounds. Chilemba 10-9, Gvozdyk 49-46

Round 6: I think Gvozdyk won this round. What a fight. Gvozdyk 10-9, 59-55

Round 7: Gvozdyk wins another round. Gvozdyk 10-9, 69-64

Round 8: OK, listen, this isn't exactly a "fun" fight to watch by any means, but Gvozdyk is showing patience with a veteran fighter, doing a pretty good job, hooks off the jab nicely, and wins another round. And then it's stopped after eighth, Chilemba saying something about his arm(s). Gvozdyk RTD-8


Round 1: Stevens hurts de la Rosa about a minute in, then gets de la Rosa cornered 30 seconds after that with some body work. de la Rosa dropped with about 20 seconds left in the round. Stevens 10-8

Round 2: de la Rosa gets cut this round, but he also started jabbing and neutralized Stevens a little bit. de la Rosa 10-9, Stevens 19-18

Round 3: Stevens getting going again, working to the body, landing his hooks. Really fun round, with Stevens landing the better shots, but de la Rosa hanging in. Stevens 10-9, 29-27

Round 4: de la Rosa is a tough dude. Stevens says after the round that he hurt his left hand, and I think de la Rosa won this round. de la Rosa 10-9, Stevens 38-37

Round 5: Hmmm. The Stevens hand injury might be a real factor. de la Rosa wins another round for me, and now I've got it even. de la Rosa 10-9, 47-47

Round 6: de la Rosa is winning this fight now. Stevens isn't punching anymore. He's getting outworked. He's jabbing and keeping Stevens hesitant. de la Rosa 10-9, 57-56

Round 7: Stevens gets going a bit more this round, finally, and keeps himself in the fight, without letting de la Rosa build up too much slow-moving momentum. Stevens 10-9, 66-66

Round 8: Stevens loses a point on a low blow. It was definitely low, and he was warned (quietly) earlier. But I don't like the call. Wasn't on purpose. That could be a huge point. If nothing else it erases that point from the knockdown in the first round. de la Rosa 10-9, -1 for Stevens, de la Rosa 76-74

Round 9: This is a tough night for Curtis Stevens. With a left hook this is a different fight, but he hasn't had one since the third round. It's been a massive difference. But I think he gutted out a round here. Stevens 10-9, de la Rosa 85-84

Round 10: Stevens muscles through another round, lands some good power shots. I think he managed to pull this thing even, but we'll see. Stevens 10-9, 94-94

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