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Is Andre Ward now No. 1 Pound-for-Pound?

With Andre Ward’s big win over Sergey Kovalev, has he been catapulted to the top of the pound-for-pound ranks?

Sergey Kovalev v Andre Ward Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

This should be a good discussion topic for all you fight fans out there - where should Andre Ward rank now on pound-for-pound lists? These lists are subjective, of course, but there tends to be a general consensus among the lists about where the top fighters rate. If you look at the P4P rankings on both ESPN and Ring Magazine, both Sergey Kovalev and Andre Ward held top-5 positions heading into Saturday’s fight.

It’s rare that we get the chance to see two fighters on the pound-for-pound list face-off — particularly in the top half of the list — so when it does happen there should probably be some extra consideration given to the winner.

Andre Ward had been a staple on P4P lists for years now, but could never reach the pinnacle because of some guy named Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Ward was okay with playing second fiddle to an already established all-time great, but now with Mayweather retired and Roman Gonzalez holding pole position in almost all P4P lists, I think it’s time for some revisions in light of this weekend’s results.

As great as Roman Gonzalez has proven to be, we can only know how truly great a fighter is by their competition. From that standpoint we must concede that Roman Gonzalez has never fought another P4P fighter. That doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s not ‘great,’ but just that he hasn’t had to face the level of opposition as some others — namely Andre Ward, who I now believe rightfully owns the throne.

The real kicker here is that there are many out there who don’t believe that Andre Ward justifiably beat Sergey Kovalev over the weekend. I’ve also heard a number of other boxing insiders claim that the P4P king wasn’t decided by the Kovalev-Ward results.

So I’ll pose the question to you readers out there: Does Andre Ward deserve to be No. 1 Pound-For-Pound? If not, where does he fit in? Sound off in the comments below.

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