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Nicholas Walters explains decision to quit against Vasyl Lomachenko

Nicholas Walters says his recent inactivity is the reason he was forced to quit against Lomachenko over the weekend, saying that if he had more fights leading into this one things would've been different.

In this video interview caught by FightHype, Nicholas Walters discusses what forced him to not answer the bell after the seventh round against Vasyl Lomachenko. Did he commit boxing's cardinal sin? Here's what he had to say:

"Listen to me, if I get the chance to fight two or three fights leading up to this fight, I'll definitely take him on in different circumstances where we are more active and definitely beat him but it was all him tonight. You know, he fought me with three fights this year. So it was all him tonight. Everything favored him tonight, and he come in as a champion and everything favored him...Nothing take away from him, he's a very good fighter, I learned a lot from fighting him and it was seven rounds of beautiful boxing until my corner decided to [end it].

"My promoter is Mr. Bob Arum and Top Rank...we are praying that next year we have three or four fights, just give me fights, I want to fight. You have me in hibernation and then take me out of hibernation and show me with the best fighter. Not many guys would go seven rounds with him without fighting, you understand...

"It was on his battlefield just now, it was on his ground, I fight him on his ground. Maybe if I catch him on my ground then it will be a different thing.

"He caught me with great shots at the end of the seventh round and we barely made it though the seventh round so our team of people decided that they're gonna stop the fight. I'm not against that, they see the fight better than I do, I was fighting the fight...

"All I have to say is that I want more fights and if I get more fights then I can do better."

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