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WBA orders second purse bid for Demetrius Andrade-Jack Culcay

More information has come to light on the failed Andrade-Culcay fight, and boy oh boy is it ridiculous.

demetrius andrade (Photo by Star Boxing)
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

The WBA hopes to resurrect a failed fight between Demetrius Andrade and Jack Culcay by ordering a second purse bid. When it was first announced that the Andrade-Culcay fight fell apart, it was suggested to be because of a tremendous amount of negligence/incompetence from Andrade’s team, who were reported to miss several deadlines to sign a contract. It turns out the situation was much more complicated, RingTV reports.

Sauerland Event, Culcay’s promoter, won the first purse bid for the fight back in August with a winning bid of $425,144. But Artie Pellulo, who co-promotes Andrade, says that Sauerland never really wanted the fight to come off because Andrade already notched a win over Cuclay in the amateurs and that he’d be heavily favored to beat Culcay now.

Because of this Pellulo states that the contract for the fight they were presented with was chuck-full of ridiculous stipulations that they just couldn’t agree to. Sauerland originally placed the blame squarely on Andrade’s team for missing deadlines which caused German television to move off the proposed date, but Pellulo says they just needed reasonable terms.

Pellulo states that the first contract they received from Sauerland on Sept. 1 contained absurd clauses, including a $100,000 penalty if Andrade didn’t show up for publicity appearances (essentially Andrade’s entire purse), as well as a clause that Culcay could choose the gloves Andrade would wear in the fight. RingTV reportedly obtained a copy of the contract and verified these claims.

Andrade, pretty clearly, couldn’t accept such terms and the WBA was forced to step in and drafted their own standard agreement for the bout on Oct. 24, says Pellulo. Andrade is said to have signed the WBA’s standard agreement just a day later (which didn’t include the penalty, and with Andrade able to choose his own gloves), but Sauerland did not.

“They never wanted to fight Andrade,” Pelullo says. “All of the tactics that they used was to stall signing for the fight to make sure they could get out of the fight.” Added DeGuardia: “It’s absurd that they even have the audacity to claim that we pulled out of this fight. It’s absurd.”

In the end Pellulo reaffirms Andrade’s committment to vying for the WBA title and hopes that he and Sauerland Event can come to an agreement before the second purse bid is required.

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