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Pacquiao vs Vargas results: Shiming Zou wins WBO flyweight title

It was another rout for Shiming Zou against the overmatched Prasitsak Phaprom.

Prasitak Papoem v Zou Shiming Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Shiming Zou of China dominated Prasitsak Phaprom for a second time tonight, following his 2014 shutout with a 2016 shutout of the overmatched opponent from Thailand, this time claiming the vacant WBO flyweight title.

Scores were 119-108, 120-107, and 120-107 for Zou (9-1, 2 KO). BLH had it 120-107, as well.

Phaprom (39-2-2, 24 KO) showed again that he’s not near Zou’s class, which wasn’t new information, though the TV commentary would have you believe that because Zou threw combinations in some of the rounds, he was drastically better than he was two years ago.

At 35, Zou does now hold a title belt, which has been the goal since his first pro fight, and it took him two tries to do it. Is he really a top flyweight, though? He still has nothing by way of a truly notable victory. Phaprom has lost two fights in his career, both to Zou, and his own résumé is otherwise empty.

Is Zou now a true player at 112, or just a guy with a belt?

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