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Amir Khan targets Garcia-Thurman winner, doesn't mind 'tune up' fight with Kell Brook

Amir Khan says he's focused on capturing the WBC welterweight title.

Amir Khan catches up with FightHub at the WBC's annual convention and gives his thoughts on his fight with Canelo Alvarez, hand surgery, and what he has planned next. Check out some excerpts below.

On where he wants to go next in his career:

"My focus is just, hopefully get the WBC title. I've [had] the silver title for a long time, I never had the chance to fight for the title yet, the main title, the world title. Because when Floyd had it that fight never happened - he kept avoiding me...147 is my division, I feel very comfortable at that weight.

"I think once the winner of that fight, I think I should be able to fight Thurman or Garcia."

On if he wants a tune up before taking on Garcia or Thurman:

"Well I think [Garcia-Thurman} is gonna happen in March, I want to be back around March time myself, so maybe my March fight can be a tune-up and then go straight into a big fight towards the end of the year with one of the winners."

His thoughts on the Golovkin-Brook fight:

"I know why [Brook] took that fight, because I took the Canelo fight going up in weight. And still by losing to Canelo I got a lot of credit. But my fight was a little different to what Brook and Triple G had because Triple G was all over him from the first round. Triple G was winning every round. With me...I was winning the fight, I was up man, I was winning the fight. Obviously one punch can change a fight. But with [GGG-Brook] I think it was a mismatch. Kell Brook does not belong in big fights...I just think Kell Brook shouldn't be in the ring with someone like Golovkin, Golovkin was on a different level. And I just think that once Kell moves up to that next level he's always gonna get beat.

"That fight between me and him can happen, I mean I do consider it. I don't mind having that as a tune up fight - the Kell Brook fight - before I go into big fights, so we in talks, I've left it to my team. I have a great team in the UK now..."

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