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Freddie Roach: Terence Crawford a tough fight for Pacquiao, but one we can't turn down

Trainer Freddie Roach gives his thoughts on Manny Pacquiao potentially taking on undefeated champion Terence Crawford.

In this video interview with FightHub, Manny Pacquiao's trainer Freddie Roach talks about a potential Pacquiao-Crawford fight. Check out some excepts of what he had to say below.

On if the time is right to take a fight against Terence Crawford:

"He's big enough [of a name]...he will definitely be on the table and he is a Top Rank fighter so it's a fight Bob [Arum] can make pretty easily I feel. It's a tough fight. Ray Beltran did well with him and he seems like he's getting better, he can move for 12 rounds, he has great legs and he's a bit of a puncher and I think he's like a young Mayweather but he probably has a better punch than Mayweather...

"It's not an easy fight. It's a tough fight, yes, but it's one that we have to say yes to if that's the only thing out there because we don't wanna just be fighting nobodies and so forth to stay in the game. We still want to be the best...if you can't be the best in something, or if you have no dream of winning another world title, you don't need to be in this sport because you'll get hurt."

On If Manny Pacquiao can compete with elite level opposition like Crawford while maintaining a full time work schedule outside of boxing:

"Has Manny Pacquiao ever been focused on one job in his life? Before when he was really great he was a dancer and a singer and making movies and so forth. He loves activity, he likes doing something at all times, he doesn't like down time, and he doesn't know fighters at all because he doesn't watch TV. I had to tell him who GGG was...but he is getting older and it's probably gonna take affect on him, probably sooner than later and the thing is, can he do both? No, no for much longer, no..."

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