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Dereck Chisora tosses table at Dillian Whyte

Pretty weak throw, all things considered.

Dereck Chisora is not a terribly well-mannered chap. From slapping Vitali Klitschko to spitting on his brother the next day, he fully embraces his role as the bad guy.

Can’t say I expected this, though.

"Del Boy," sitting down in advance of Saturday’s fight with Dillian Whyte, threw an entire table at him to punctuate a string of boasts. It wasn’t a terribly big table, admittedly, but props for creativity.

Sheldon Keay of the Manchester Evening News posted the video to Twitter. Note the solid throwing arm from Whyte’s tracksuited trainer, Mark Tibbs.

Chisora (26-6, 18 KO), whose best win is still Malik Scott in 2013, is sitting between +177 and +300 right now, according to ProBoxingOdds.

The real question here is where this moment stands in the pantheon of Dereck Chisora Being an Asshole. I’ve got it below the Butlin bite and the Klitschko incidents, right around threatening to shoot David Haye.

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