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Adonis Stevenson clarifies his position on a unification fight with Sergey Kovalev

Adonis Stevenson continues to maintain that he's willing to face Sergey Kovalev in a title unification bout, but that he won't enter into negotiations with Kovalev as a "challenger."

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

A couple of weeks after his bombastic ring-crashing tirade aimed at Sergey Kovalev, Adonis Stevenson continues to say that he's willing to unify titles against 'The Krusher.' But Stevenson says that he's not going to negotiate with Kovalev as if he's a mere challenger because he's the champ...HE'S THE WORLD CHAMP, OH YEAH!!!

So speaking to WBN about his position on a light heavyweight unification fight against Kovalev, Stevenson says:

"The Kovalev offer is still there, but he won't take it. I've got my TV deal (Showtime) and he's got his TV (with HBO) and Showtime is ready to negotiate with HBO to make the fight happen. Ever since I left for Showtime, Al Haymon and my team know that I want the Kovalev fight.

"But Kovalev's team are trying to find a reason not to fight. Like, ‘we can only fight on HBO' and other things like that. I know my position on the fight. I'm the boxer, so I have my manager and Showtime supporting me on the Kovalev fight."

Stevenson also mentions, naturally, that he's the lineal light heavyweight champion and that his team won't have terms dictated to them.

"My TV approve my fights and Kovalev's TV approve his fights, so I'm not going to go to my network like I'm the opponent. I'm not the opponent, I'm the champion and Showtime approve my fights good."

Thus in a perpetual game of pass the buck, this is more of the same ol' rhetoric.

But Stevenson's business manager, Rudy Louis, would later chime in on the topic to say that if both sides want to make the fight that they have to hash out a 50-50 deal. More specifically, Louis says that both Showtime and HBO would need to be willing to come together to work out an arrangement analogous to Mayweather-Pacquaio, but imitates that although Showtime is ready to do it, HBO is less than eager to budge on the matter.

If I can promise you anything, it's that the other side has a very different interpretation on where things stand on that front. And so the saga continues...

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