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Tyson Fury: Eddie Hearn may be trying to cash out on Anthony Joshua

In a rather surprising statement Tyson Fury says he wold pick Charles Martin to KO Anthony Joshua while also adding that promoter Eddie Hearn may also see chinks in his prized heavyweight's armor and looking to cash out on him.

Chris Brunskill/Getty Images

The often vocal Tyson Fury never lacks an opinion, even if controversial. His recent statements aren't going to round up any more protesters, but are a little shocking at face value -- he thinks Charles Martin would make short work of Anthony Joshua if the two end up meeting one another.

"If I had to put my money on it, I'd say Charles Martin stops Joshua as he's a six foot, five inch punching southpaw with combinations, and who's not afraid of people just because they've got muscles."

Fury likens the match-up to Tim Witherspoon-Frank Bruno or Tony Thompson-David Price, predicting what would expected to be a rather easy win for Joshua winds up being a case where he gets 'chinned' instead. Fury also goes on to say that the proposed match-up between Martin and Joshua may be a case of Eddie Hearn turning in his poker chips on Joshua.

"Eddie Hearn might be trying to cash Joshua in at the moment because he saw vulnerability as Dillian Whyte nearly had him out with a left hook. Maybe someone with a bigger punch and a bit more experience would have followed him up and got him out of there," said Fury.

This idea of Hearn cashing out on Joshua already seems a little far-fetched, to me anyway, but I suppose in this wacky sport of boxing anything is possible. What is clear, however, is that Fury doesn't rate Joshua all that highly, and Fury furthers that notion by saying the only thing that kept Whyte from stopping Joshua was his inexperience in finishing off an opponent (although Whyte has stopped 13 of his 17 opponents - albeit not at Joshua's talent-level). Fury said had it been Klitschko, Haye, Wilder or himself that shook up Joshua, he wouldn't have survived.

What do you make of Fury's comments here? Do you think he makes a good point, or he is simply trying to downplay a fellow domestic heavyweight vying for his position?

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