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Mayweather: I can easily shut down Canelo-Khan if I wanted to

Floyd Mayweather says if he was so inclined to do so, he could easily put a halt to the Cinco de Mayo fight date held by Canelo-Khan by returning to fight Danny Garcia.

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Floyd Mayweather wants it to be known that although he's recently retired, he still holds all the clout in the boxing business. In an interview with FightHype, Mayweather says that he could easily put the kibosh on Canelo-Khan's May 7th fight date if he felt like it.

"You know, I can easily put a halt on that fight if I chose to call Mr. Garcia, [Danny] Garcia's dad, if I chose to call him and say, 'You know what, sir, you're a hell of a trainer, you're son's a hell of a fighter, he's an undefeated champion, I'm an undefeated champion, and I think it would be great for me and your son both to make a lot of money. And like I said before, you're very outspoken, my dad is very outspoken; it would be good for me to come back for number 50 and fight the undefeated Danny Garcia, you know, at the MGM Grand'...I'll go over to the MGM Grand and say, 'You know what? We need a venue also' and we'll see," Mayweather said.

This declaration comes on the heels of Amir Khan saying that his fight with Canelo is more buzz-worthy than Mayweather-Pacquiao, although most understand that statement to be rather ridiculous considering the magnitude of that fight. Even still, Floyd clearly doesn't like having his positioned challenged and thus suggests he could have both Canelo and Khan on the back burner on a whim.

"Because if I'm not mistaken, I fought Canelo, right, and then Danny Garcia fought Amir Khan, and we're both undefeated, so who do you want to see? Do you want to see them or do you want to see us? I'm just saying, I'm just putting it out there, those are the type of things that I can do."

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