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Hank Lundy gunning for early stoppage against Terence Crawford

Hammerin' Hank Lundy says he's not at all concerned with Terence Crawford's switch-hitting style since he's been showcasing his own switch-hitting abilities since his ESPN days.

In this video interview with FightHype, Hank Lundy appears fully confident heading into his high profile bout against Terence Crawford on Feb. 27th. Check out what Lundy had to say about facing Crawford.

Lundy on how he prepares for a switch-hitting opponent:

"Man listen, you talking to the king of switch-hitting. Before everybody been on HBO, Showtime doing it, Hammerin' Hank was on ESPN doing it...this is what I do...[if Crawford] switch southpaw, that's his ass. He come in that fight right-handed, that's his ass -- it just don't matter with me. I've been in there with every single style and at the end of the day we're ready for whatever."

On his prediction for the fight:

"I'm looking to stop him. Point blank. I'm making a statement...I'ma go in there and do what I'ma do. I ain't putting no pressure but, I'm looking for an early stoppage."

On whether or not he worries about once again getting the short end of the stick in case the fight goes to the scorecards:

"Well everybody knows at the end of the day that Hammerin' Hank is not with no big-time promoter. I made my way always being on the B-side and fought my way through hell. Most people know if I had been with a big-time promoter that I'd have been two-time, three-time world champ already.

"But at the end of the day I like the way my career's going, showing kids and everyone else in the fight game you can come from nothing and make it into something - and that's what I'm doing, I'm giving everybody hope...It don't matter where you come from, if you fight hard, show determination, will, you'll get to the top and that's what Hammerin' Hank is doing."

On where he'll be if he beats Crawford:

"It puts on top...Not too many people is knocking down my door to fight me. They try to get around me, they try to pick fighters that I've fought. Ain't too many people happy about fighting Hank Lundy, I'm one of the realest in the game and when I tell you I'ma do something I'ma do it."

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