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Adonis Stevenson: I can still fight at 168lbs if I need to, but I'm the lineal champ at 175lbs

Adonis Stevenson says a move back down to super middleweight may not be out of the question, but he doesn't see any intriguing fights for him there at the moment, not even for a potential meeting against Gennady Golovkin.

WBC light heavyweight champion Adonis Stevenson is on the hunt for a Spring opponent, and says that while a fight at super middleweight isn't necessarily out of the question, if the right fight came along, he doesn't necessarily see a compelling fight down there for now.

Stevenson categorically rules out a move to cruiserweight, saying he only walks around at 185lbs, but in reference to a specific question about meeting Golovkin halfway, one division south, says simply says he wouldn't do that for GGG, which makes one sort of wonder who would he make that move for.

"I'm no cruiserweight but I can still fight at 168 if I need to. But why would I go to 168 when I am the lineal champion?" - Stevenson exclusively told World Boxing News when asked the direct question of facing ‘GGG'.

"I don't have to go to 168 now because I'm the champ. I'm the world champion and I don't have to move now. I don't see those big, big fights at 168 right now - who I can fight."

With Stevenson already being 38 years old, it would seem that the clock is winding down in terms of being in optimal physical condition. With the long-awaited fight with Sergey Kovalev not any closer to being made, are there any big fights really out there for Stevenson, or will he soon be a complete afterthought?

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