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Thurman vs Porter: Kenny Porter sees doubts, fear in Keith Thurman

Shawn Porter's father and trainer Kenny Porter discusses their upcoming fight with Keith Thurman.

On Shawn Porter's preparation

"Shawn has really never stopped training since we had the Broner fight. In between the Broner fight until now, he's just stayed consistent, just on a working level. But now we're starting to crank it up and ask more of him. So everything has just stayed even and balanced the whole way. But now we're really starting to push him and challenge him."

On the plan of attack

"There's a lot of questions that we're gonna ask Keith on fight night. We're looking for the answers. One of the analogies I like to use in this particular situation is there's certain levels, there's levels in boxing. And we're going to raise our levels, and there's going to come a point in time when Keith can't raise his level, and I'm gonna challenge Shawn to challenge Keith. Just like when we trained in this 12,000 foot altitude here, or even higher. There's a lot of things we're going to throw at him. There's a lot of things he's throwing at us. On fight night it's going to be about making adjustments, and who can raise his levels."

On the mental side of boxing

"The mental part is the hardest part of boxing. There's so many people who don't realize and understand the places you have to take yourself to, as we were just referring to, the levels. The levels of the mentality that you have to have, just like hitting this right here, you've got to have the mentality that nothing can stop you, and if you're banging against this, you've just got to keep banging until you tear it down. That's the hardest part. It's a day to day thing, to challenge the athlete to not just physically be prepared, but to be mentally prepared. Every day we are challenging him mentally as well as physically."

On Keith Thurman

"I see Keith has been fighting very sporadically and not knowing exactly what he wants to do. It's up to us to keep throwing those questions at him, to see if he can answer them. We may know in the first round if he's doing the things we want him to do. It may be the fourth or fifth round, if he's reacting the way we want him to react. But going into this fight, I know Keith's got a lot of doubts. He's not sure. He's got a lot of fear. But a guy who's afraid can be very dangerous, as well. But we're gonna play on all those things.

"We're attacking him from every level. He better be mentally prepared, physically prepared, emotionally prepared, nutritionally prepared, spiritually prepared. He better be balanced all across the board, because if we find any chink in the armor, we're gonna attack that, whatever that might be. I know he would try to do the same thing to us, but we've had quite a few sparring sessions with Keith, and he's never tried to attack us. I'd be shocked if he tries to come after us on fight night. And I do see Shawn having to do a lot of things to cut the ring off and get to him. But it's gonna be an exciting fight. I know Keith's coming to fight. We're gonna have to trap him. And when we do trap him, he's gonna fight even harder. That's what's gonna make it just that much more exciting, that maybe he fights a totally different fight than people expect him to fight, but he fights even harder in that situation."

On fight night

"I see Shawn having to make a lot of adjustments. I see Keith fighting, like I said, sporadically, not knowing which direction he wants to go in, trying to land a punch here or a punch there, trying to surprise Shawn, but I see Shawn being able to walk through that and get to Keith and punish him. That's what I want in this fight. I want him to punish to Keith. And I want Keith to know, he sees these interviews, and he knows, and they say, 'Oh, Kenny Porter's talking,' but you know my talk is real. That's what we're preparing for. We're preparing to punish you. You do know that. You do know that. We're preparing to punish you. And then we're not gonna leave anything left unturned, all the way until that 12th round is over with, until that bell rings, or if it happens even sooner. We're all looking for surprises on fight night. We've all got questions on fight night. And everyone sitting in those seats will be looking for answers."

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