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Peter Quillin open to immediate rematch with Daniel Jacobs

After a stunning first round knockout at the hands of Daniel Jacobs, Peter Quillin says he's ready to jump back in there with him and that he's never been scared of anybody.

Al Bello/Getty Images

Peter Quillin tells RingTV that he's receptive to the idea of an immediate rematch with Daniel Jacobs following his dramatic first round TKO loss to him last December. After the fight Quillin was completely respectful towards Jacobs and didn't try to diminish the Jacob's win by citing a lucky punch or questioning the referee's stoppage. Now, a couple months removed from the loss, Quillin maintains the same perspective.

"He just caught me with a good punch at the right time," he said. "I was trying to get myself back together. But I was in the best shape of my whole life. He beat me at my best. Things happen. We can fight again and the same thing could happen or it could be totally different and I could hit him with the first punch and get him out of there. That's why everyone wants to see it happen again. So if it does, I'm game for it."

But before any rematches are negotiated, Quillin will talk to advisor Al Haymon to see what's on the table for him as they come up with a plan for his future. But however Quillin's team decides to move forward, he won't dwell on the loss -- saying it's all part of the game.

"Anybody can get caught, right?" Quillin said from his home in Brooklyn. "In the first round I got caught and thank God I didn't get dropped. I'm very thankful I proved to myself that I can handle going through a struggle like that and getting hurt. And I was able to keep trying, like I'm going to keep swinging until I can't swing no more."

What do you think should come next for Quilin? Are you interested in seeing him in a rematch with Daniel Jacobs?

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