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ShoBox - Lopez vs Munoz: Post-fight photos and quotes

Adam Lopez and O'Shaquie Foster picked up wins on ShoBox, while the other two fights went to disputed draws.

Adam Lopez

"This was my toughest fight as a pro and I think I proved a lot. I showed I could fight through a lot of adversity. The cut in my eye was definitely a factor for my performance in a couple of rounds, but I put the pedal to the medal and got through it. I landed the more telling shots.

"This is the kind of fight I can learn from. Fighting through the cut and all the head butts, and still persevering. These are the kinds of fights that make fighters better. You don't learn a thing by blowing guys out.

"Muñoz was a good fighter and landed some tight shots on me, but I was definitely the better fighter and there was no question I would get the decision. I thought I might stop him in the eighth or ninth, but it didn't happen.''

Mario Munoz

"I'm very disappointed in the decision. I'm a better fighter than he is. I landed more combinations. My face is unmarked, look at his. He hurt me more from his low blows and head butts than he did with his punches. I'd love to fight him again.''

Ronald Ellis

"I think I did a good job tonight. I started strong and I showed that I belong here, in a nationally televised show. I'm happy with what I did."

"I showed tonight that I can counter a busy fighter. I can take a punch. I can also be a boxer-puncher. Odom tried to do his thing at the beginning, but he just couldn't do it with me. I followed my trainer's advice. I punched, I stood back. I used my left hook. I think I really hurt him a couple times."

"I won that fight. I'm sure. At first, I banged with him and then I showed my boxing. It was easy in there, I won that fight. He never hurt me. I'll be back. You will be seeing a lot of me in the future."

Jerry Odom

"I can't be disappointed with the decision because I fought my heart out. I know I hurt him. He hurt me a bit in the second, but I got back on my feet and I kept on going.

"I feel I pulled it out in the last rounds. I worked the body, I think I did some damage. Ellis looked hurt. I mean no disrespect, but I felt I definitely did enough to win, but the judges saw it differently."

O'Shaquie Foster

"This is a huge relief for me. I feel great. I think people saw a glimpse of the kind of fighter I can be tonight. That wasn't me in my first ShoBox fight. I don't know if I froze under the lights or if I lost because of the cold weather outside, but I wasn't nearly as confident for that fight as I was tonight and it affected my performance.

"I had a tremendous training camp, my best camp ever, which played a big part in my confidence tonight. I thank God for the opportunity to fight on national television again and I'm already looking forward to the next time.''

Lavisas Williams

"For some reason, I just could not get loose. I had a cold, but I won't take anything away from Foster. He knocked me down, but I actually thought he pushed me down most of those times."

"I learned something tonight. I can't do what I did. I can't wait on my opponent. I have to attack first. I'll be will be back."

Christopher Brooker

"I don't train eight hours a day, seven days a week to get this kind of decision. That was not a draw, I clearly won the fight. I don't want to take away from Magda. He's strong fighter and he countered well, but I showed everybody that hard work beats talent any day.

"I won this fight. I was the aggressor. I threw some big punches. My right was key. In the beginning Magda was fast, but I placed my punches and I know I did enough to win the fight.''

John Magda

"I feel OK, but this was a tough fight. He stayed on me and pressed forward, which we knew he would. But he was stronger than I thought. I'll have to watch the tape again, but I thought I landed the more effective punches.''

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