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Commission won't allow Roy Jones Jr. to fight a 'random fan'

The executive director of The Arizona State Boxing & MMA Commission says Jones Jr. will have to fight someone with a proven professional record in order for them to license his proposed freak show.

Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Roy Jones Jr.'s dream of legally knocking out a trash talking fan screaming for his retirement just isn't meant to be. So sorry to all you couch potato hopefuls out there, but none of you will be getting a shot at Roy Jones Jr. for a $100,000 prize.

Matthew Valenzuela, executive director of the Arizona Commission, has gone on record saying that while licensing fees have been paid for the March 20th PPV featuring Jones Jr. vs. TBA, Jones will have to face someone with a proven professional boxing record, not some random passerby off the street.

As of yesterday it's still unknown whether Jones' fight will take place at heavyweight or cruiserweight, and there still aren't many details available about potential opponents. The digital network hosting the show,, had asked anyone interesting in facing Jones to submit a video and record of their fight history by today.

This event will also feature Ken Shamrock vs Dan Severn in an MMA bout, and Kurt Angle vs. Rey Mysterio in a wrestling match. Given the featured names on this card, it's pretty clear the target audience for this show are nostalgic combat fans from the late 90s.

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