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Hank Lundy insists he's seen better than Terence Crawford

Hammerin' Hank Lundy list the opponents he's faced who he rates higher than WBO champion Terence Crawford.

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WBO titlist Terence Crawford and challenger Hank Lundy are set to lace 'em up this weekend, and the promotional build-up has been getting increasingly personal over the passing weeks. It actually got to the point where Lundy actually fired some shots at Crawford's girlfriend and mother of his children.

As Lundy explains the situation, he says that Crawford sent him a message on Facebook after Lundy dropped a tough decision to Thomas Dulorme, saying that Lundy should've trained harder. Lundy took exception to the message in the immediate aftermath of the loss and responded by saying "you tellin' me to train, man listen, you need to look at that and tell her to train," as a reference Crawford's girlfriend.

When pressed on that issue by fans telling him not to let that disrespect slide, Crawford maintained a cool head saying he'll take care of his business inside the ring. The only thing is that Lundy believes he's already faced better than Crawford in the squared-circle, and lists three names he fought that he may rate higher than Crawford -- Viktor Postol, Ajose Olusegun, and Dannie Williams (who he says is a toss-up with Crawford). Specifically, Lundy rates Williams as a better puncher than Crawford, and Postol as the better technician.

Lundy firmly believes he's in Crawford's head, as evidenced by Crawford being more outspoken and aggressive at press conferences and in media interview -- something Lundy cites as being out of character for Crawford.

"Everybody know Terence doesn't talk much, he doesn't say much," Lundy said. "He don't act a certain way but you've seen a different Terence Crawford leading up to this fight, voicing his opinion, cursing. You ain't never seen that from Terence Crawford."

Crawford, for his part, doesn't make much of Lundy's assertions, simply saying that it's easy to say he isn't a special fighter until that bell rings and you have to deal with him.

The talk ends this Saturday night on HBO when Crawford and Lundy finally go head-to-head, with yours truly hosting the live coverage for BLH.

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