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Crawford-Lundy: Terence Crawford stops Hank Lundy in five rounds

Terence Crawford pounced on Hank Lundy once he hurt him with a couple shots, ending the fight shortly thereafter with a fifth round TKO.

Mike Stobe/Getty Images
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Terence Crawford is just a mean dude in the ring. He came out early and seemed to struggle with Hank Lundy's wide shots, with Lundy landing some good punches. But in the fifth round Crawford caught Lundy with a couple of punches that really shook Lundy up, and once Crawford saw Lundy's legs wobble, he jumped all over him with non-stop aggression.

Crawford would drop Lundy in the fifth round, and right after Lundy got up and beat the count, Crawford jumped right back on him, throwing shots from all directions, landing a few hard ones, and forcing the referee to jump in to save a hurt Lundy from any further punishment. Once the referee intervened to end the right, Crawford walked right up on the referee's back, getting in Lundy's face to let him know what just happened, and then stuck his tongue out to the crowd in celebration.

In the first fight of the night, Top Rank's prized Puerto Rican propsect, Felix Verdejo, put on a boxing clinic against Brazil's William Silva. Verdejo didn't seem inclined to step outside of his comfort zone to put an exclamation point on the fight in front of a raucous crowd that came out to support him, but he clearly won every round according to us here at BLH, and also on two of the official judge's scorecards.

Verdejo certainly has some room for improvement, like changing speeds and varying the power on his punches, but he very good technically, surprisingly composed for a 22-year-old fighter, and seems to have a bright future ahead of him. Also, he didn't seem to have any problems with his troubled left hand, which I'm sure is good news for his handlers. We should be seeing Verdejo back soon, as he's already been scheduled for his next fight on April 16th in Puerto Rico.

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