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Bad Left Hook Podcast #23 (Feb. 3, 2016): Scott and Kyle lose their minds over Canelo-Khan

If this were a 'Friends' episode, it would be called "The One Where Scott and Kyle Lose Their Minds Over Canelo vs Khan."

HEY! Hey. Listen. It's Wednesday. It's podcast day. You know that. BUT WHAT IS GOING ON IN LIFE RIGHT NOW? Specifically, in boxing life?

That is the question we are all pondering this morning, still less than 24 hours removed from the shock announcement of Canelo Alvarez vs Amir Khan on May 7. In a scrambling effort, I was online yesterday afternoon, when everything was going wild, and I said, "Kyle, I know you're five hours ahead of me, but we've got to get a podcast in." And he said, "Definitely," but he said it British-like. And this is the result: about 40 minutes of two people who are struggling to comprehend the reality of Canelo-Khan being thrust upon us out of nowhere.

So a few things: (1) this is not our most coherent work, (2) NSFW language warning, because though we do often let one or two nasty terms slip in, this show is simply riddled with them, and (3) subscribe on iTunes! Thanks for listening!

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