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Amir Khan's father discusses how Canelo-Khan fight came together

Shah Khan gives and interview with Sky Sports to talk about how the Canelo-Khan fight was made, the size difference, and his son being willing to take on the toughest challenges.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

In an interview with Sky Sports, Shah Khan, Amir Khan's father, talks about how the big fight between his son and Canelo Alvarez came together -- a fight no one in the boxing world was expecting to be made.

On how Canelo-Khan was conceived:

"The thing is Amir always wanted a big fight, and this is the reason he was chasing Floyd Mayweather, then Manny Pacquiao. And after them guys, Alvarez is the guy out there. [Amir] wants the best fights, the big fights. Golden Boy got in touch with us and we were talking with Al Haymon as well, and we all got together and made it happen."

On Golden Boy being the one who actively sought out Amir as an opponent for Canelo:

"Yeah. Absolutely. The fight was put to us and Amir has never ducked anybody. Obviously if it's a big fight, he stands up for it."

On how much of a step up this is for Amir:

"It's a big step, obviously. Amir's at the level now, he's mixing with the big guys, with the big names. And every time Amir's name gets mentioned it's with these sort of guys, so he deserves these fights and Amir's up for it and he's ready for these sort of fights.

"Amir, when he was a young guy, when he was in the Olympic games, nobody gave him a chance even then. They said 'he's a kid, he can't do this, he can't handle these guys' but look what he did [winning a silver medal at 17 years old]."

On how Amir will deal with the size difference between he and Canelo:

"Well the thing is, [Canelo] is 8 pounds different in his weight. And Amir is a big guy as well. In fact, there's not a lot in the height difference. If anything, I reckon that Alvarez is a bit shorter than Amir. And they're going to build up his weight well. We're always speaking with these trainers, Virgil [Hunter] was up for the fight, and he said 'it's no problem, 8 pounds is no problem to us at all, we can build it in the right way' -- not just put fat on him, they're going to put muscle on him.

"Amir's got a good reach, he's got a good physique. He's a nice tall guy with a good reach - he's made for that sort of weight."

On Eddie Hearn being disappointed and Amir possibly missing out on a huge fight with Kell Brook at Wembley:

"That fight is always there anyway, it can happen. We were in negotiations with Eddie, Eddie gave Amir some numbers, and then he couldn't deliver them!

"[So] Amir is preparing for Canelo now and he is looking forward to it. He has never ducked anybody, if he was ducking anybody, why the heck would he fight a bigger guy?"

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