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Freddie Roach talks Canelo-Khan, Gomez, Cotto, funniest Pacquiao memory

Freddie Roach discusses the Canelo-Khan fight, Frankie Gomez, Miguel Cotto, and his funniest memory of Manny Pacquiao.

On what he thought when he heard about Canelo-Khan

"'He turned down Kell Brook for this?' Kell Brook's an easier fight than this one. But for him -- he's very athletic, he's a good boxer. He can win the fight. He has to box a perfect 12 rounds. Can he do that? Possibly. But with the pressure Canelo's gonna put on him, plus the size and strength, I think he will break him down somewhere along the way. I think I like the bigger fighter in this particular fight, but I wouldn't count Amir out. Amir is a good boxer, and if he fights a perfect fight, he can do well."

"I think they saw Miguel Cotto outbox (Canelo). I still think Miguel won that fight. Amir's a good boxer also, so I think maybe that's why they picked this fight, they think they can outbox him. But he's going to have fight a very disciplined fight, and sometimes he wanders off, and gets away from the game plan, and wants to exchange too much, and that's when he gets caught, and that's when he gets knocked out. If he gets caught in this fight, it's over, because Canelo has knockout power in both hands.

"I think it's an interesting fight, though. I'm not counting Khan completely out. I obviously like Canelo to win the fight."

"Can he maintain (speed and footwork) for 12 rounds with a guy that big putting the pressure on you? I'm not so sure he can do that. I don't think so, because he hasn't proved it yet. He's outboxed a lot of guys early, then he gets taken out at the midway point. If he ends up exchanging with this guy one time in this fight, it changes everything. It's a very dangerous fight, but [Khan's] got a lot of balls taking this fight. That's what I've got to say."

On Miguel Cotto

"I haven't talked to him. ... Me and Miguel really don't talk about fights too much. If I talk to anyone about opponents it's [his manager], because Gaby is in charge of that, more or less. We are gonna fight again soon, but we don't know exactly when and where yet."

On Frankie Gomez

"The key is to get him at 140. That's where we gotta keep him. We need a little more discipline. That's why I'm taking him to Manny Pacquiao's training camp with me, to learn what fighters do to win world titles. Frankie's natural talent has taken him so far that he's gotten away with a lot. In the upper levels, you don't get away with nothin'. So he's gotta be very disciplined. This is our first step toward greatness. Frankie's going to be in Manny's last training camp with Jose Ramirez. It should be a lot of fun having those guys over in the Philippines, we're gonna be over there three or four weeks. It's gonna be a lot of hard work and runs and every day training, because Pacquiao doesn't fool around. Pacquiao gets ready for every fight, he doesn't take anyone lightly."

On Pacquiao's retirement and his funniest memories of Manny

"There's so many. ... I remember one time when he got mad. I'd never seen him get mad at anyone before. It was back when he had trouble making weight. He used to set up his dining room in the corner of the weigh-in with all his food. And Buboy forgot the hot milk. You have to drink everything room temperature or hotter or it'll mess your system up -- in Manny's mind. Buboy forgot the hot milk. Manny slaps him in the face. The first and last time I ever saw Manny mad in my life. I've never seen him like that. That's a good thing for 15 years, I guess. He's a good guy. I didn't think that was really in him, but he was pissed off at Buboy that day. Don't forget the milk."

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