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Matthew Hatton: I hope Amir Khan beats Canelo, but I just can't see it happening

Former Canelo Alvarez opponent and fellow compatriot of Amir Khan says he'd love to see Khan beat Canelo, but admits it's just a bridge too far.

Scott Heavey/Getty Images

Matthew Hatton has been in the ring with Canelo Alvarez before, and knows exactly what his fellow countryman Amir Khan is in for when the two face-off on May 7th. Being quite frank about the fight, he believes that once Canelo cuts the distance, the fight will be over -- which is more or less the general consensus.

"I hope Amir can win the fight and it would be great for British boxing to have one of our boxers beat such a big name, but to be honest I just can't see him winning the fight," Hatton told ESPN.

"He can cause Alvarez a lot of problems but my gut instinct is that Canelo is far too strong and powerful, even with the catchweight. I just can't see past that because Canelo will be too big and too powerful for Amir."

Hatton admits that although he never had the physical tools that Khan possess, he credits himself as being a durable guy who simply got punished by the hardest puncher he's ever faced in Canelo Alvarez. Hatton believes the physical strength and powerful punching from Alvarez will just be too much for Khan to overcome.

Then, referencing the size difference between Canelo and Khan, Hatton warns that nobody should be fooled by Canelo's weigh-in, as he's seen him transform into a beast overnight after rehydrating.

"I remember at the weigh-in with Canelo thinking I'm about the same size as him. But then when he turned up for the fight he was like Popeye who had just eaten his spinach, muscles bulging and a lot bigger. He was like a different man.

"He's so thick set. The fight with Amir is made at a catchweight, but God knows what weight Canelo will be on fight night. Amir will be giving a lot away."

Hatton laments that although he wishes Khan the best, he realistically just can't see anything other than an inevitable KO win for Canelo once he starts cutting off the ring and walking him down.

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